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Tell DeVos to Protect students

Demand Betsy DeVos protect our students >>

Washington Post: Betsy DeVos receives failing grades

She’s supposed to protect our students — but she’s done the exact opposite.

We’re collecting 2O,OOO signatures in the next 24 hours to tell Betsy DeVos to DO HER JOB and protect students >>


Betsy DeVos is a downright TERRIBLE Secretary of Education:

— She’s working to GUT public education
— She’s rolled back policies to protect students with disabilities
— She’s abandoned survivors of campus sexual assault

Instead of protecting our most vulnerable students, she’s put them even more at risk.

Jan, we’ve had enough of DeVos’ radical agenda. That’s why we’re collecting 2O,OOO signatures demanding Betsy DeVos PROTECT our students >>

We should be investing in the education of all children. But Betsy DeVos is more interested in pushing her conservative agenda and helping big Republican donors.

Jan, our students deserve so much better than Betsy DeVos.

But as long as she’s Secretary of Education, we DEMAND that she do what’s right for students.

Please sign our petition and tell Betsy DeVos to do her job and PROTECT American students:

— BOLD Democrats