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Support 1089 – contribution limits

We need your help to close one of the biggest loopholes in California’s campaign finance laws.  Did you know that in 78% of CA cities, wealthy special interests can give unlimited money to candidates in local elections?

Please sign our petition and tell your Assembly Member to vote YES on AB 1089 to support local contribution limits.

California is one of only four states that limit campaign contributions to state candidates, but not local candidates. AB 1089 would help safeguard democracy in our cities and towns by ending the local loophole.

Our friends at California Common Cause, who are sponsoring ASM Kevin Mullin’s bill, report that one City Council candidate received $100,000 from a single donor.  This is of course outrageous and unacceptable.

Sign Now! Tell your Assembly Member to vote YES on AB 1089 to close the local loophole.

While we work towards a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United we must also work to chip away at the influence of Big Money in our elections in every way that we can.  AB 1089 presents an opportunity for California to do just that.

SIGN the Petition to limit money in local elections.

We will forward our petitions to CA Common Cause who will deliver the petitions to Assembly Members – so be sure to include your zip code so they’ll know whom to forward your signature to.

Thanks for taking action today.

The MOVI Team
MOVI – Money Out Voters In