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Replace NAFTA

Replace NAFTA: No more pro-corporate trade deals
Petition to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer:
“Do not use the pro-corporate Trans-Pacific Partnership as a starting point in your efforts to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement. In an open and transparent negotiating process, eliminate the investor-state dispute settlement system that surrenders sovereignty to corporate power, include strong and enforceable labor and environmental standards, require all imports to meet the strongest domestic safety standards, reinforce Buy American and Buy Local policies, and remove rules that drive up drug prices by allowing pharmaceutical monopolies.”
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Dear Coralie,
Replace NAFTA
Team Trump just announced its plans for renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, commonly known as NAFTA, which will begin next month.1
But like most Trump gambits, this could be another chance to hand over more power to wealthy investors and out-of-control mega-corporations.The Trump administration plan seems to be to use populist rhetoric as a cover while using the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as a template to incorporate additional job-destroying and environment-trashing provisions into NAFTA..
Time to call the administration’s bluff. That is why we are teaming up with our friends at Public Citizen to make it absolutely clear what a renegotiated NAFTA should look like – and dare the Trump team to either produce a good deal or betray their pro-corporate interests.
So far, the Trump administration is being secretive and opaque, revealing little about its plans or who will benefit. What Americans want is a trade deal that stops the ongoing bleeding from NAFTA while also adding new protections for our environment, creating jobs and raising wages. Any NAFTA renegotiation must:
  1. Institute a democratic, accountable and transparent negotiating process that doesn’t give corporate interests special access or seats at the table.
  2. Eliminate the investor-state dispute settlement system, which surrenders U.S. sovereignty to multinational corporations that can sue our government before a tribunal of three corporate lawyers – ordering taxpayers to pay corporations unlimited sums of money for the loss of expected future profits, especially if they think protections for workers or the environment might undermine corporate NAFTA privileges.
  3. Include strong and enforceable environmental and labor standards – not the useless rules in deals like the TPP.
  4. Require all imports meet our safety rules, including environmental and labor protections on imported food, goods and services.
  5. Preserve Buy American and Buy Local policies, eliminating NAFTA’s waivers that allow companies to offshore our tax dollars instead of reinvesting them to create jobs here.
  6. Remove rules that drive up drug prices by allowing pharmaceutical companies extended monopolies on drug patents.
If the Trump administration fails to meet these standards, then their much-ballyhooed NAFTA renegotiation is just another example of using phony populism to cover corporate power grabs.
Already, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is claiming that the disastrous TPP is the “starting point” for talks with Mexico and Canada.2 The Trump administration has been reassuring business leaders that their NAFTA renegotiation will not hurt industry – a worrisome sign that Trump is once again trying to hide a corporate power grab behind populist rhetoric.
If the Trump administration follows through on the principles we laid out above it will result in a progressive trade treaty that represents a big win for workers, the environment and all Americans. The likely scenario is that it abandons workers, consumers, and environment in our local communities in favor of big corporations and Wall Street, we will be able to expose Trump and his administration as craven crony capitalists masquerading as faux populists.
Tell Trump administration: Don’t turn NAFTA into the TPP. Click the link below to add your name:
Thank you for speaking out. Your activism matters.
Murshed Zaheed, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets
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