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Investigate Trump’s Corruption

Tell House Government Oversight Chair: Do your job. Investigate Trump’s corruption

Petition to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chair Rep. Jason Chaffetz: “Do your job. Investigate Trump’s ever-widening web of corruption, from personally profiting off of the presidency to his refusal to release his tax returns.”

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Progressive champion Rep. Elijah Cummings says House Oversight Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz “appears to be taking marching orders directly from Trump’s tweet.”  Instead of investigating Michael Flynn or Trump’s ever-widening web of corruption, Chaffetz parroted Trump’s tweets and asked the Inspector General to target the people who brought to light Flynn’s lies and the administration’s suspect ties to Russia.
In the face of potential treason and clear conflicts of interest, in fact, Chaffetz just recently decided to instead seek criminal charges over Sec. Clinton’s emails.

Once again, Chaffetz has refused to use his power as head of the House Government Oversight Committee to investigate Trump directly. But he’s feeling the heat – hundreds chanted “do your job!” at him at a recent town hall in his district. We need to join that call and turn up the pressure on Chaffetz to do his job.

After Kellyanne Conway broke federal ethics rules, Chaffetz refused to investigate Trump corruption and merely referred the case to the White House ethics office, which recommended repercussions. He has politely asked the Trump administrations for documents about sensitive discussions being held in the open at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, after spending years and countless dollars investigating Benghazi.

Chaffetz has ignored Cummings’ repeated calls for the House Oversight and Government Reform committee to investigate Trump’s corruption. Rep. Mark Pocan is now circulating a letter demanding Chaffetz act, and we need to echo that message.

What Conway did is just the tip of the corruption iceberg. Trump’s massive web of potential corruption is on a never-before-seen scale. Past presidents have sold assets and placed money and investments in blind trusts. Trump, by contrast, claims to be handing over his businesses to his children. But he lashed out at Nordstrom in a tweet objecting to the store ceasing to sell Ivanka Trump products, and still receives regular updates on Trump Organization earnings.

Because he is still hiding the full extent of his business entanglements, we have no way of knowing if he is under the thumb of foreign interests, whether his business interests in the Middle East or other countries run counter to American foreign policy or whether he is merely using the presidency to enrich himself. We can’t let Trump Republicans try to pretend it is normal for a president to profit off his time in office.

Tell House Government Oversight Chair Chaffetz: Do your job. Investigate Trump’s corruption.

No one knows the full extent of Trump’s foreign financial and business entanglements because of his unprecedented secrecy and refusal to release his tax returns. Government ethics experts have already said Trump is likely violating the Constitution by personally profiting from the presidency and called his pretend show of giving his sons control of his company “meaningless.” On top of it all, we still do not know whether he is indebted to foreign interests that would give them influence over the commander in chief.

After spending untold hours investigating Clinton’s non-scandals, Chaffetz owes it to the American public to investigate naked conflicts of interest emerging in the Trump administration. Tell House Government Oversight Chair Chaffetz: Do your job. Investigate Trump’s corruption.

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Murshed Zaheed, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets