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Destroy Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Policies

Sign and send the petition to Congress: Destroy Trump’s anti-immigrant policies. Permanently protect all TPS recipients!

While the Trump administration has been escalating attacks on immigrants at the border, it is also doing so quietly through terminating TPS. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a life-saving humanitarian visa, created in the 90s, that allows immigrants fleeing wars, natural disasters, and life-threatening conditions to legally live and work in the U.S.

This year, the xenophobic administration has terminated TPS for immigrants from Nepal, El Salvador, and Honduras – affecting over 250,000 people. This month, despite the ongoing U.S.-backed war in Yemen, where over 5,000 children have been killed since 2015, the Trump administration failed to redesignate TPS to Yemeni immigrants. Immigrants from Somalia are next.

On Thursday, the administration will decide on Somalia. The time to act is now: Demand Congress permanently protect all TPS recipients.

Sign and send the petition to your Senators and Representatives: Resist Trump’s anti-immigrant practices. Permanently protect all TPS recipients!

Somalis have been protected under TPS since 1991 when civil war descended. Today, over a million are internally displaced and still lack access to basic services. Deporting TPS recipients back to these conditions, separated from loved ones, would be death sentences.

Thousands have been living and working here under TPS for nearly 20 years. This is their home. They are now being forced to leave or risk deportation to countries still torn by war, natural disasters, and governments incapable of receiving them.

In the wake of rampant hateful anti-immigrant practices, we are calling Congress to act now: Protect all TPS recipients and provide a pathway to permanent residence and citizenship. 

Sign and send the petition to Congress if you agree: All immigrants deserve permanent protection.