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28th Amendment – Overturn Citizens United

American Promise

Last fall, voters in California passed Prop 59, a voter instruction calling on Congress to pass the 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United and get big money out of our elections. It worked. On Thursday, Congressman Adam Schiff of California introduced a House Resolution in Congress proposing a 28th Amendment to the Constitution citing Prop 59.

This is the newest effort in Congress to end unlimited campaign spending, and it’s the result of nationwide citizen organizing by people like you.

Let’s celebrate the citizen leaders in California who helped pass Prop 59 and Congressman Schiff’s action for the 28th Amendment by pushing more of our elected officials to get on board: sign our petition urging your candidates to take the 28th Amendment pledge today.

It’s clear: as citizens continue to unite and speak up on this issue, our elected officials are listening, and some are taking action.That’s why it’s so important we continue to raise our voices across the country and call on candidates running for office to stand with the people on this critical threat facing our democracy.

As we celebrate this victory, take a moment to add your name and urge your political candidates to support the 28th Amendment so we can return our government back to the people.

Together, we will win.

Jeff Clements
President, American Promise