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Join our Alliance for Environmental Leadership team!  Leslie Warren, Acting Chair

Believe in smart growth (not suburban sprawl) and a healthy environment?  Want to influence our local elected and appointed officials that control development in the foothills?  Consider joining our Alliance for Environmental Leadership (AEL) by e-mailing our Committee Chair, Leslie Warren, at  Leslie will get you involved!

May 2018    Alliance for Environmental Leadership COMMITTEE REPORT

In October 2017, AADC launched an Ad Hoc Committee called Local Advocates, under the leadership of member Leslie Warren as Chair.  Initially Local Advocates held a series of Workshops to train concerned citizens about how to review proposed developments which were in potential violation of California’s environmental laws and send professional critiques to the County Planning Commission.
Those workshops led to a discussion that in order to get ahead of these potentially disastrous developments, we needed to start an activity to recruit environmentally sensitive candidates to run for local offices and commissions – so we launched a Placer County “Open Seats” Project.  The “Open Seats” Project is still ongoing and now involves all 11 Democratic Clubs in Placer County recruiting candidates for the 2018 election – in county, city and local district positions (both elected and appointed).
Recently we met to give this activity an official name, mission and purpose.  Read this summary of the Alliance for Environmental Leadership (our new name) and send an e-mail to if you want to join this active group.


The Alliance for Environmental Leadership brings together existing like-minded organizations and citizens for a common cause – defending natural ecosystems and advocating for sustainable, inclusive communities in Placer and Nevada Counties.

The Alliance for Environmental Leadership (AEL) is a forum to:

  • Protect our quality of life through active participation in local governmental planning and policy making;
  • Recruit and train local leaders who will advocate for natural ecosystems and for sustainable and inclusive communities; and
  • Build a revolving legal defense fund to support expenses for expert witnesses and challenges to projects or policies that have significant, unmitigated impacts on the environment.



1) Register as a corporation with the State of California.

2) Affiliate with a broad base of environmental and community organizations and citizens.

3) Conduct monthly forums – location and dates, alternating between Nevada and Placer Counties.

4) Elect AEL Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer/Legal Defense Fund Spokesperson and Planning & Conservation League Liaison from among affiliated organizations.  These officers will work together to create Bylaws with rules of order and procedures for AEL.

5) Execute Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Planning and Conservation League to be the Fiduciary Agent for AEL. All contributions to AEL’s legal defense fund will be managed by PCLF affording donors with tax benefits.

6) Review, comment on and coordinate analysis of the Sunset Industrial Plan Area and Placer Ranch Specific Planwhich will potentially impact regional C02 levels, agricultural soils and wet lands, regional air quality, water supply, species extinction, housing prices and availability and quality of life.

7) Recruit and support the needs of local leaders seeking public offices/appointed positions.

8) Build a revolving legal defense fund to support expenses for expert witnesses and challenges to projects or policies that harm the environment or are not inclusive.

9) Review, comment on and analyze the “Sustainability Plan(s)”under development for Nevada and Placer Counties and Cities which will set long-term policy for addressing emissions from sources and activities generating climate risks.


The Alliance for Environmental Leadership (AEL) unites existing like-minded organizations and individuals to support one another, mobilize leaders and be a stronger voice together. Rather than being a “new” organization – AEL creates a forum for all of us to work together.

Send a letter of commitment or a resolution of affiliation to our e-mail (  Sample letter below.

When the Board of Supervisors say: “Who is in this Alliance?” we can then identify our members.

There’s power in numbers.  Together we’re a stronger voice.  Join us today!

Leslie Warren, Acting Chair of Alliance for Environmental Leadership

Consider donating to our AEL Defense Fund to provide the dollars we need to hire consultants and lawyers to fight to protect our rural environment here in the foothills.  Click here to become an AEL DONOR.  Please add “Alliance for Environmental Leadership” in the Comment field below your donation amount.  Thank you!