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Progressive Websites

AADC provides these progressive website links to make it easier for Auburn area progressives to TAKE ACTION on issues that matter to them. Click on the blue names to access the website.

Civil Rights (Anti-Discrimination, Women, Minority, and LBGT rights) American Civil Liberties Union
Democratic Party Policies California Democratic Party or Democratic National Committee
Educational Reform California Office to Reform Education or Linked Learning
Environmental Issues/Conservation Sierra Club or Environmental Defense Fund or Environmental Protection Agency or Union of Concerned Scientists
Family Planning/Access to Legal Abortions Planned Parenthood
Federal Budget/US Fiscal Responsibility US Federal Budget
Gun Control/Citizen Safety Brady Campaign or Moms Demand Action
Health/Affordable Care Act National Institutes of Health or Kaiser Family Foundation or Covered California or Consumers Union
Immigration Reform Obama Immigration Policy or The Dream is Now
Latinos Votolatino
Political Reform/Money in Politics Common Cause or Move to Amend or 99 Rise
Poverty/Homelessness/Welfare/Low-income Housing Placer County Network of Care
Progressive Action/Petitions Credo Action or Move On
Seniors/Social Security & Medicare Earned Benefits American Association of Retired Persons or Social Security
Science & Technology/Global Warming Union of Concerned Scientists
International Trade Agreements/American Jobs The Alliance for Democracy or Justice Rising
Veteran’s Issues Veterans Administration or Vote Vets
Voting Rights League of Women Voters or American Civil Liberties Union
Women’s Issues/Equal Pay California NOW or American Association of University Women

These websites may or may not be endorsed by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) or California Democratic Party (CADEM). If you have any issues with the listed websites or want us to add your favorite progressive website to our list, send us a message at