Delegate Election (Assembly District 5) to California Democratic Party

January 27, 2019 @ 10:45 am – 1:30 pm
Jackson Civic Center
33 Broadway
CA 95642
Amy Champ
(209) 418-5113
This is your opportunity to shape the California Democratic Party….plan to go to this election, if you live in California Assembly District 5 (City of Auburn and parts of South Auburn), and vote for the 14 people you want to be your delegates at the upcoming Convention for the 2020 election!  
Doors open at 10:45, candidate speeches will begin at 11 am.  It’s being held at the Jackson Civic Center in Jackson, California.

You can register and start voting for your choice of delegates at 11:30 and registration and voting close at 1:30.

AADC members Bob Vizzard and Jan Bell are running for ADEM in this district so go support AADC members to represent you.

Questions? Call Amy Champ at (209) 418-5113 who is the convener of this ADEM Election.


    • Michele Sterling on January 27, 2019 at 11:44 am
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    I know this is probably of little consequence to anyone but myself but I just wanted to voice my despair at having missed the opportunity to run as a delegate or even be able to vote for any of the delegates that did get the info in time to be able to run. I feel as if the Democratic Party has left me … when it seems they keep theses elections secret from the general public . do they not want regular people to be able to participate ? and then I know that this is a very large district (district 5) but to have the election held on a Sunday when travel out of the Tahoe area to Jackson is challenging because of all the tourists .
    and also I have been searching to find a list of candidates running but could not find any except for the 2 mentioned on this page (2 out of 14) that is not good enough ! Perhaps it is time for a People’s party. ???

    Michele Sterling
    South Lake Tahoe

    1. Michele, It is very difficult to outreach to all progressive leaning voters to notify them of any event. The California Democratic Party tries to do this when they are having delegate elections, but often miss people because the task is so large. They primarily use their website to communicate to potential voters and email newsletters if you sign up to receive them.

      Please bookmark this website of the California Democratic Party – – so you can check it periodically for events, information and opportunities to get involved. The list of delegate candidates was posted before the delegate election and the winning delegates are posted now so you know who are now your CDP delegate representatives.

      Lastly, District 5 is huge. It runs from the City of Auburn down past Yosemite to Madera. To have delegate voting the CDP holds two District meetings – one on the south end of the district, and one in the north end of the district. Many would like to do electronic voting to allow more people to vote, but there is a stronger push to keep to paper ballots, thereby requiring voting sites. This is a hardship to many, but difficult to avoid as most of the people who run these delegate election sites are volunteers.

      I hope this information is helpful to you. Please consider the challenges any party has with this type of communication. And send in ideas via this website of how the CDP could enhance its outreach to you.

      Jan Bell, Campaign Services Chair (Placer County Democrats) and AD5 Delegate to CDP

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