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March 2018 AADC Newsletter

Auburn Area Democratic Club E-News

Serving Democrats of the Auburn area since 2004            March 30, 2018


The Auburn Area Democratic Club is an organization dedicated to informing the public on issues of common concern and advanc-ing democratic ideals. AADC holds open public meetings on the 1st Thursday evening of each month featuring speaker presentations on our “Topics of Community Interest.”
AADC has members from the city of Auburn and its surrounding area, including Colfax, Weimar, Meadow Vista, North Auburn and Newcastle.   Membership is $25 per year.  Learn more about the Club by subscribing to our AADC monthly newsletter and join us by going to our website .

April 5th, 2018 meeting, 6:30 pm

General Gomez Arts and Events Center

It’s hard to believe but California’s Primary election (Tuesday June 5th) will only be two months away when we next meet.
Our April 5th meeting will focus on the Congressional District 4 race where we plan to send Republican (and carpetbagger) Tom McClintock into retirement in Elk Grove!!!  Jessica Morse, the California Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for CD4 and her campaign team, will enlighten us on how we can help with her campaign – for instance City of Auburn canvassing for Jessica the weekend of April 14th & 15th.
In addition, our Voter Registration and Out-reach team will share how you can help GET OUT THE VOTE by participating in the Progressive Neighborhood Project, walking with the California Away Team on weekends to encourage Democrats to commit to vote on June 5th and/or helping with our voter registration efforts still ongoing at Sierra College.
So, join us April 5th and be part of the BIG BLUE WAVE!!!

Jan Bell, Auburn Area Democratic Club President & AD5 Delegate to CDP

Refreshments will be served.

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Our next regularly scheduled event is the Spring Auburn Home Show, May 18th – 20th.  We will be registering voters, distributing candidates’ literature and swag and talking up our Alliance for Environmental Leadership (see Jan’s description and history under LOCAL ADVOCACY COMMITTEE below).  Join us, help out and LEARN! 
We also have the option to participate in the Earth Day event coordinated by the Auburn Hip Hop Congress (see notice below).  If we have enough interest, we can host a booth.  Please contact me at if you’d like to participate.
So much going on, and it only gets more intense!
Sunny Carraway,   Rosie Wohlfromm,,   
                Events    Committee co-chairs

We received this invitation from Natalie Pohley, Auburn Hip Hop Congress, to host a booth at their Earth Day Festival.  Shall we do it?!
Hello. We wanted to invite you to host a booth at our Some Kind Earth Day Festival on April 21, 2018 from 11am-4pm at the Armed Forces Pavilion and Community Garden. This year Auburn Hip Hop Congress and the Forgotten Soldier Program are joining forces to bring an amazing showcase of workshops, demonstrate-ions, live art, local musicians and young artiststo promote community and ways to make positive change. There will be fun interactive booths, food and entertainment for the whole family!  Nonprofit booths are $50. If this is a problem, let me know and we have options for free booths as well! This year is a fundraiser for the above listed programs in which we would like to give the community opportunities to support the amazing work being done! As a very important part of the community, we would love to have your representation at this unique event!
Natalie Pohley,  Auburn Hip Hop Congress

AADC President Jan Bell has appointed Neva Kesserling and Jerry Rico to be co-chairpersons for the Voter Registration/Outreach Committee. We held a meeting on Monday March 26 for a briefing and planning for the transition.  I am much relieved and happy that Jan was able to find these two energetic and generous volunteers to carry the work the VR/O Committee began into the future. No doubt there will be changes, but the political terrain around us is rapidly changing. and we have to adapt. I have not experienced such an outpouring of demand for change since  the Vietnam War.
I will continue to be active in the club as much as a full time law practice permits  I am going to work my neighborhood as one of the workers in the Progressive Neighborhood Project and will do some lobbying between now and next March to get the local school districts to send busses to the Cesar Chavez Youth Leadership Project in Davis.  Those will be the areas of my efforts.
I am very grateful to all my friends and col-leagues in the AADC who have helped and encouraged what we have been able to accomplish.  Yet, we have much work to do.
 Paul W. Comiskey

The 15th Annual Fall Fundraiser meeting will be held at 2pm on   , at 12840 Earhart Ave.
Mary Helen Fein, chair

Petitions on AADC web site
Check frequently for current petitions to be signed, both California and national, at our   AADC Petitions web page.

Petitions on Indivisible Auburn web site
Read analyses and take action on pending legislation on Scott Johnson’s Indivisible Auburn Facebook page blog.
Your input makes a difference!
If you hear of any legislation on the local, state or federal level that you would like to have shared with the Indivisible Auburn CA alert subscribers, please forward the information to Scott Johnson, Inclusion  in your email of any bill number and author of the legislation or any links to articles about the legislation would be helpful.
Scott Johnson
Banner Fridays!
After weeks of wet weather cancellations, last Friday banners returned to overpasses above Highway 80 in Auburn.  And the weather fore-cast looks good for this coming Friday too. Yes!
We will stick with our recent schedule: 3:30 Friday at Scott’s to choose our message and assemble the banners, and 5:00 Friday to display the banners (meeting at NW corner of Hwy 80 and Bell Road).
Come join us!

Al Franklin

 Indivisible Auburn CA activities are in full swing (see Calendar below)


 If you haven’t joined yet or haven’t paid your dues for this fiscal year, now is the time to do so!

Many thanks for keeping AADC strong!
Roke Whitson, Membership Committee Chair

 Time to renew your Club Membership

Don’t forget to keep up your membership. Your annual dues are due each year on JULY 1st, so please fill out the form attached and mail your $25 dues (checks made payable to AADC) to: AADC, P.O. Box 6851, Auburn, CA 95604  or pay on-line at Auburn Area Democratic Club – Join us
Your dues support the Club’s advocacy activities  and never obligate you to get more involved than you want to be, although participation is always, welcome! Dues-paying members are eligible to vote at our monthly AADC meetings. For more information, email 


Winning the Primary Battle
 Dear AADC friends,  I so fear that we are losing the focus of this election – winning.  Any dif-ference between Regina and Jessica is pittance when compared to McClintock. And behind McClintock’s win is an unimpeached Trump.  I challenge all of you to drop ALL talk about which candidate is better than the other. That time is past. For our country’s sake, we need to consolidate behind the endorsement. This is not personal to any of the candidates. Other candidates should have taken one for the team and therefore we need to do it for them now. Let’s promote the endorsement – notice I didn’t say Jessica, I said endorsement. Both candidates are excellent and I wish we had had them in prior elections. But the state party has given us an opportunity to consolidate for the sake of WINNING.  We are fortunate because not all districts got an endorsement with which to unify.  We must focus on winning now instead of fighting amongst ourselves. We must try to ignore Regina, Rosa, and check out the guy who might be a GOP plant. Let’s all take a breath and see ourselves rise above the fray. Then picture McClintock losing. We can do it if we FOCUS.

Trish Grenfell 

In Memorium

Ex-Auburn mayor George Beland and Joyce, his wife of 67 years, died within days of each other.        Beland, Auburn Journal
As many of you have already heard, George Beland joined his beloved Joyce, who died days earlier.  A memorial in their honor is being planned at the General Gomez Arts & Events Center at 1 pm on  Sunday April 8th.  Please plan to attend their memorial.
George and Joyce were long-time residents of Auburn, George was City Mayor, and they were both incredible advocates for democratic values.  Joyce was often described as the power behind George. Joyce wrote an article entitled “The History of AADC”, as they were very involved with AADC from its earliest beginnings. Her article, which tells a lot about Auburn in the 60s’ and 70s’ is available on the AADC website.  Click HERE to read it.
Words cannot express our sorrow and how much we will miss them.
Jan Bell,  AADC President

 President’s Message

Outstanding! The Placer “March for our Lives” in Rocklin was a huge success thanks to Sunny Carraway and Leslie Moonshine, who worked with Tami Seigal to pull off what I think might be the largest protest ever in Placer County.  This is a fantastic example of a new, young activist getting the support and assistance needed from our more experienced Democratic team.  Big congrats to Tami, Leslie and Sunny!  Check out AADC’s Facebook page to see photos of this protest.
Speaking of protests…we must be prepared to March for our Democracy when Trump finds a way to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  Trump is closing in on a way to stop the investigation into the Russians’ involvement in his 2016 campaign.  There’s a post on our website which provides a link to find the protest nearest your zip code if this constitutional crisis occurs.  Click HERE to see that post.
Back to local politics…the filing date for California and Placer County elected positions is now past, and we have made good progress in recruiting Democrats to run for local office.  Phillip Kim, Roseville Democrat, has filed to run against Jim Nielsen, Republican incumbent in State Senate District 4.  Peter Van Peborgh, Kings Beach Democrat, has filed to run against Brian Dahle, in State Assembly District 1.  Peter and Phillip join Carla J. Neal, Democrat, running against Republican Frank Bigelow in Assembly District 5 and Jackie Smith, Democrat, running against Republican Kevin Kiley in AD6.
In Placer County, Jack Duran, Democrat, has filed to defend his seat as Placer County Supervisor, District 1.  Bonnie M. Gore, Republican, will be Jack’s challenger, so we must help Jack defend this seat
Also of interest is Hope Halperin who has filed to run for County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar against incumbent Ryan Ronco. And Rebecca Chenoweth who has filed to run for the open seat as Superior Court Judge, Office 2.  Add to that Laura Peters and Bruce Herring, who are running for NID District positions, and we have a comprehensive slate of candidates to support.
So, let’s GET OUT THE VOTE for the June 5th Primary!  Come to our April 5th meeting to learn how you can help GOTV!!
Jan Bell, AADC President 2017-2018 and AD5 Delegate to CDP

Editor’s Corner

On Saturday, March 24th, millions of Americans marched in solidarity with kids from Parkland, in “March for Our Lives” events from New York to Chicago to L.A to Sacramento to… Rocklin!  Yes, our own Rocklin participated, thanks to the initiative and hard work of three young Rocklin moms, Tami Seigal, Molly Walker and Michelle Sutherland.

When some Auburn area Dems and Indivisibles heard that we had the option of a local march, they jumped in enthusiastically. We spread the word, and they came! There were people from all over this area, from all over Placer, from Nevada Co. and El Dorado Co.!  According to several estimates I heard, our Placer Co. “March for Our Lives” event had over 1000 participants!
Although Everytown and Giffords Law Center provided small signs to be carried, many people had made their own, large and small, getting the message out.  Represented were people from all walks of life. I saw teachers, parents, whole families, local office-holders. I saw vets in their military jackets weighted down with medals, and the cutest bunch of grammas with their special gramma signs, and little kids with their hand-drawn signs.  I saw people I knew from several of our area Indivisibles, Dreamers, Brady, LWV and Dem groups, including our Placer Co. Dem chair C.J. Jawarhal, up front at Quarry Park photographing and videoing all the kids and adults who spoke.  Several people I know, including Rosemary Dukelow, our new chair of PCDP’s Voter Outreach Committee, took advantage of this opportunity to register voters. To top off the event after the march Amanda Wilcox, our tire-less Legislative Chair of the California Chapters of the Brady Campaign, spoke after the teachers and kids. The kids were amazing; some were teenagers, but there were pre-teens and even a 9-year old- our leaders of the future!
I’d like to give a special shout-out to Leslie Moonshine, who helped coordinate Auburn area’s end of the activities; to Amanda Wilcox, who came, spoke and brought a contingent from Nevada County; and especially to our Rocklin moms Tami, Molly and Michelle, without whose initiative and persistence the whole event would not have occurred. Thanks also to all of the enthusiastic participants of the march- you made this event the success that it was!
Let’s do this again, Placer!  Onward and upward; better together!

Sunny Carraway, Newsletter Editor
Progressive  Neighborhood  Project

Interested in connecting with your neighbors who are Democrats?   The effort we have started, a joint project of AADC and Indivisible Auburn, is called the “Progressive Neighborhood Project.”  Paul Comiskey, AADC Voter Registration/Outreach chairman, is leading the project. There are monthly meetings the second Saturday at 1:30 at Depoe Bay Coffee in downtown Auburn. 
Roke Whitson,  chair of the Membership Committee

League of Women Voters Candidate Forum
League of Women Voters – W. Nevada County, CD1 Candidate Forum
Thursday, April 12 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Eric Rood Center
950 Maidu Ave, Nevada City, California 95959
Wave of Women Running for Congress
Read about why the three women running against Doug LaMalfa in CD1 decided to jump into the race in this March 9th article that appeared in the Chico Enterprise-Record. Read the article here.
For a more complete update on candidates and activities visit our Indivisibles Auburn calendar.


                     Placer County Democratic Party

7 th Annual Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner
       Friday, April 27th, 6:00 pm
Orchard Creek Ballroom, 965 Orchard Creek Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648
Speakers:  Senator Ricardo Lara, candidate for Insurance Commissioner       
   Eleni Kounalakis, candidate for Lt. Governorv
   Eric Baumann, chairman, California Democratic Party
Download 7th Annual Roosevelt Kennedy Dinner Flyer. Download 7th Annual Roosevelt Kennedy Dinner Order Form.   Purchase your tickets online tickets online .

Save The Date – April 28, 2018
Stand With the  Bear River Benefit for Bear River Legal Defense Fund
General Gomez Arts and Events Center – 808 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603
Music by Keith Greeninger The Rayos
*Dinner, Dessert, Dance, Silent Auction, Raffle, and No Host Bar
* Other presenters: Stan Padilla, Wanda Enos Batchelor (Nisenan) , Neena McNair Family Singers,
* Mignon Geli, Stephen Meadows.
* Dinner by Pete and Pat Enochs, formerly of Latitudes Restaurant
* Tickets: Dinner $50 to $100 sliding scale
* Dance and Dessert only $25
For more information call 530-320-6841 Sponsored by a project of

MOE training sessions
MOE is a tool provided by the CDP to the Central Com-mittee which gives authorized users access to the Placer County voter registration file. This information can be used for activities such as club building / recruitment and localized voter outreach. It can also be used to verify the current registration status of the your membership (e.g. to ensure your members are currently registered as Democrats).

I have booked the Democratic HQ for two MOE training sessions:

                  Thursday March 29, 2018 @ 6:30 PM 
                  Saturday April 1, 2018 @ 1 PM
Training will be held at the Placer County Democratic HQ, located at 699 Washington Blvd, Roseville. 
Attendees are encouraged to bring a Wi-Fi enabled laptop or tablet.
Each club is allowed (encouraged) to have at least one person trained in the use of MOE.
Please ask your MOE representative / user to confirm attendance with me, by emailing
In solidarity,
Tomas Vera 

In October 2017, AADC launched an ad hoc committee called Local Advocates, under the leadership of member Leslie Warren as Chair.  Initially Local Advocates held a series of Workshops to train concerned citizens about how to review proposed developments which were in potential violation of California’s environmental laws and send professional critiques to the County Planning Commission.
Those workshops led to a discussion that in order to get ahead of these potentially disastrous developments, we needed to start an activity to recruit environmentally sensitive candidates to run for local offices and commissions – so we launched a Placer County “Open Seats” Project.  The “Open Seats” Project is still ongoing and now involves all 11 Democratic Clubs in Placer County recruiting candidates for the 2018 election – in county, city and local district positions (both elected and appointed).
Recently we met to give this activity an official name, mission and purpose.  Read this summary of the Alliance for Environmental Leadership (our new name) and send an e-mail to if you want to join this active group.
Who are we (our Mission):  Alliance for Environmental Leadership  (AEL) is a collaboration of citizens, civic and environmental organizations who defend our natural ecosystems and advocate for sustainable, inclusive communities in Placer and Nevada Counties.
Why we’ve organized (our Purpose): AEL is organized to unite and thereby strengthen the impact and voices of existing like-minded groups and citizens for our common cause:
1) to provide a forum to meet and discuss strategic action on projects of regional impact;
2) to recruit and support local leaders who will advocate for our valley, foothills and Sierras to have sustainable and inclusive communities; and
3) to build a revolving legal defense fund to challenge developments that have significant and unmitigated impacts to the environment.
AEL’s Actions Agenda: AEL’s focus initially will be on projects that posepotential adverse impacts to regional air quality, water supply, species extinction, housing price and availability and quality of life.
We will Alert member organizations of projects that are potentially harmful to the environment and our quality of life and organize resistance to the project through our Alert system to member organizations and citizens. AEL members/affiliated organizations can then notify their friends/members and suggest actions to be taken.
If you belong to a civic or environmental organization or are an interested citizen, we’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss AEL.

What you can do: You can adopt a resolution of mem-bership in AEL and help us grow this Alliance.  The more groups that align, the stronger our voices will be.  Please send an email to

and we’ll add you to our Alliance mailing list and provide more information about our goals for 2018 and beyond.
Leslie Warren, Chair Local Advocates (and Acting Chair of Alliance for Environmental Leadership)
Jan Bell, Auburn Area Democratic Club President & AD5 Delegate to CDP