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June 2018 AADC Newsletter

Auburn Area Democratic Club E-News

Serving Democrats in the Auburn Area since 2004 – June 28, 2018


The Auburn Area Democratic Club is an organization dedicated to informing the public on issues of common concern and advancing democratic ideals. AADC holds open public meetings on the 1st Thursday evening of each month featuring speaker presentations on our “Topics of Community Interest.”

AADC has members from the city of Auburn and its surrounding area, including Colfax, Weimar, Meadow Vista, North Auburn and Newcastle.   Membership is $25 per year.  Learn more about the Club by subscribing to our AADC monthly newsletter and join us by going to our website .

AADC Fourth of July Events


 *   Meet us at 5:00pm at the Gomez Arts and Events Center for a candidate meet and greet, info, swag and hospitality. 
*   Then at 7:30 join us at our “float” and march with us, candidates and friends in the parade.            
See details below.

Our big AADC July 4th Events
are coming up!
AADC is leading off with an open house at 5:00 pm at the Gomez Arts and Events Center hosting some of our local candidates for office.
Campaign representatives for Audrey Denney (CD-01), Jessica Morse (CD-04), Carla Neal (AD-05) and Jacalyn Smith (AD-06) will be available to talk about their priorities, respond to your questions and distribute campaign literature, bumper stickers and buttons. Drop by before the parade and bring the kiddies! We’ll have popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones for kids of all ages!
Then come out to join us in the parade at 7:30 pm.  AADC will have its usual “float” bearing candidates, as well as a host of friends marching with us, including Indivisible Auburn, American Solidarity, Dreamers, Young Dems and other area Dem clubs.  Come join us and help pass out mini-flags with our candidates!
Sunny Carraway,
Rosie Wohlfromm,,   

                Events Committee co-chairs     


The Voter Outreach Committee is
Seeking a Chair!
One of our most dedicated and hard-working committees needs a shepherd to lead the flock. There are a number of very committed mem-bers on this committee who have been working essentially on autopilot, taking on all those additional tasks involved in getting out the vote and canvassing for candidates.
We have a meeting set for July 7th, 9:00- 11:00 am at Depoe Bay to discuss this critical issue. 
Please contact me at if you are willing and available to attend this meeting.  THIS MEETING IS URGENT!
Sunny Carraway, member, Voter Outreach Committee

AADC  officers

Jan Bell, past president. was given an award by the AADC board for

ongoing service o the club 

Incoming officers for 2018-2019
President: Kermit Carraway
    VP: Dave Deckman
    Treasurer: Stu Clancy
    Secretary: OPEN
    Board Member at Large: Debra Polansky
    AADC’s Representative to PCDP:
Sunny Carraway

AADC website
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  The AADC’s website is frequently updated; visit often! 

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 Visit our AADC FaceBook page here. 

Petitions on AADC web site
Check frequently for current petitions to be signed, both California and national, at our   AADC Petitions web page.

 Indivisible Auburn CA activities are in full swing (see Calendar below)


If you haven’t joined yet or haven’t paid your dues for this fiscal year, starting July 1, now is the time to do so!
Many thanks for keeping AADC strong!
Roke Whitson, Membership Committee Chair

 Time to renew your Club Membership

Don’t forget to keep up your membership. Your annual dues are due each year on JULY 1st, so please fill out the form attached and mail your $25 dues (checks made payable to AADC) to: AADC, P.O. Box 6851, Auburn, CA 95604  or pay on-line at Auburn Area Democratic Club – Join us
Your dues support the Club’s advocacy activities  and never obligate you to get more involved than you want to be, although participation is always, welcome! Dues-paying members are eligible to vote at our monthly AADC meetings. For more information, email 


Families Belong Together Event.
Grass Valley
   Saturday, June 30 at 10 a.m. (local time)
        Brunswick & Sutton, Grass Valley
804 Sutton Way
Grass Valley, CA 95945
Corner of Brunswick and Sutton
Host notes:
Bring signs and banners!
Host:   Lorraine Reich


                            RESERVE THE DATE!


Join us for our 15th Annual Fall Fundraiser,
Sunday, September 23rd from 2 to 5 pm at the
 Gomez Arts & Events Center, 808 Lincoln Way,
Auburn. Back by popular demand are hors d’oeuvres by Joe Caribe’s Bistro, wine by
Pescatore Winery of Newcastle and music by
Equinox Jazz Ensemble.  Speakers will be
announced soon.
Tickets are $45 per person and include hors
d’oeuvres, your choice of one serving of beer,
wine or soft drink, and your entrance to the event.
 Our Silent Auction will also be offered, and always, we need donations of auction items.
So come  join us for a delightful Sunday after-noon of wine, food, politics and shopping!  Tickets will increase to $50 per person on August 15th and at the door, so order your tickets soon. Get your tickets online now.
We appreciate your support for AADC and our programs.
Mary Helen Fein, Fundraising Committee chair

 President’s Message

The Auburn area sits in a unique area politically, between two of the most Republican districts in our state. One has a congressman who is the definition of a career politician and carpetbagger. Born in New York, he has been in politics since he was a student at UCLA. He was elected to the California legislature from Southern California and even ran for governor and lieutenant governor from there. Then he moved to NorCal when he calculated he could more easily be elected to Congress from here. Did I mention he does not live in his district? You will recognize that as Tom McClintock. The other district has a “fiscal conservative” whose family has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in crop supports from the USDA. ‘Nough said! I won’t trouble you with the mendacity involved in that. That congress-man is Doug LaMalfa.
If we could flip either of these seats, it would be one of the biggest upsets in this year’s California election. Flipping both would be an event of national propor-tions. As members of AADC or fellow Democrats or even as people who are tired of seeing Trump and his minions running (ruining?) our country, WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO TO PROMOTE THIS EFFORT? We are seeking to open an AADC Operations Office to support our Democratic candidates in the November election. We will be distributing signs and stickers and buttons for you to display as a PROUD DEMOCRAT. We also plan to use the office as a staging site to reach voters, but we need a lot of help.
Can you walk a neighborhood to contact voters? That is a tough job in Auburn with all the hills and well-separated houses. I have done it. If not, can you do phone banking? That is much easier than you think; scripts are provided. Again, if not, will you write postcards? We will be coordinating with each of the four main campaigns in our area, Audrey, Jessica, Carla and Jackie, and with other sympathetic groups, Indivisible, Sierra Forward, etc., whether Democrats or not.

But we need each of you to contribute if this effort is to be successful. To paraphrase Tom Petty, we WON’T BACK DOWN!

Kermit Carraway, AADC President

Editor’s Corner

 It’s boots-on-the-ground time!
If nothing else has gotten our attention, the recent events at the border certainly should have. Who could ever have imagined an America which condones the unthinkable atrocities which are being perpetrated on a daily basis?  Where do we draw the line, and how?
It has been clear for some time that the havoc being wreaked on our country by this despicable administration will not be stopped until we have completely drained the swamp.  There can be no more waiting and hoping for better times; if we want them, we will have to fight for them.
The time for timidity masquerading as “civility” has long passed.  We have sat politely by as unthank-able acts of treason are being perpetrated daily which cause such irreparable damage that the next several generations will be unable to reverse it.
NO MORE PASSIVITY OR TOLERANCE FOR ATROCITIES!  The time to act was much earlier, but it can be no later than today.
And EVERYONE must contribute to the effort;  NO EXCUSES!  If not, all we have to lose is the world’s most promising experiment in democracy.

Sunny Carraway, Newsletter Editor

Be the Change

The Be the Change Committee is focused this year on getting out the youth vote by holding an all- day Youth Summit to Enlighten, Empower and Engage youth in participating in their local government and community.The committee has been working steadily for the past few months to make sure all bases are covered for the September 15 event.
Securing funding for the event is our biggest challenge.We need to raise about $1,500 above what AADC has allotted. To that end, Sunny wrote a grant to the CADEMS Bradley fund for $1000 and we’re waiting to hear back from them on whether we’ll be awarded the funds and how much. Leslye and Sunny are presenting a proposal to the PCDP for $500, which is what they donated last year. We collected around $175 at the June 24 Auburn Indivisible gathering at the Gomez Center. However, we are also asking AADC club members to help us out with individual donations. Contact Leslye at leslyej@gmail.comor 530 889-9433 if you’re able to donate funds, or even collect $5.00 to $10 gift cards from local merchants.
Leslye Janusz and Leslie Moonshine spent time in June with the Auburn Hip Hop Congress Writing and Reciting class to promote the Youth Summit to the youth at their regular meetings in the Library and enlist their parti-cipation, with the help of Natalie Pohley, Rocky Zapataand J. Ross, in developing a commercial promoting the event that will then be posted on social media.
Check out the AADC WEB SITE for more information and registration forms for the youth summit.
Alliance for Environmental Leadership  

Leslie Warren and Jan Bell continue establishing the Alliance of Environmental Leadership (AEL) to fight for environmental issues within Placer and Nevada Counties and to recruit leaders for key elected and appointed positions who are supportive of environmental issues.  The Auburn Area Democratic Club voted to align with AEL officially at our June 7th meeting.  Jan has met with the Tahoe Truckee Democratic Club and they will consider aligning with AEL at their August meeting.  Jan will make the rounds of other Placer Democratic Clubs asking them to support and align with AEL.

Due to the loss in the June 5th Primary of Democrat Jack Duran on Placer’s Board of Supervisors, Placer BOS is now 3 Republican, 2 Democrats with the addition of a pro-development Republican, Bonnie Gore. This will make fighting against big developments like Stanford Ranch even more difficult.  Leslie Warren has contracted with an architect (Genevieve Mason) to design a sustainable alternative to these large developments so that instead of just saying “no” to all developments, we can advocate for smart development. Jan and Leslie plan to talk to the BOS about this AEL project. Members of the Board encouraged Jan to speak to the Republican supervisors as this idea might be supported by them.
Jan Bell
Candidates and GOTV

2018 “Run for Something” Workshops
Interested in running for political office?  Get tips at these two workshops. Call Margie Joehnck, 530-748-5146, for more information. 
Sign up for workshops here.



The Audrey Denny for Congress Campaign has estab-lished an Auburn Hub in Auburn, California.  We know that we can win this with volunteers talking to the voters. That’s where you come in! Come help Audrey win California’s 1st! We literally cannot do it without you.” Contact Terry Rodriguez, Auburn Hub Captain, or call/text at 530 613-1750, or Casha, Audrey Denny for Congress Field Organizer, at or 530 715-0479.”  
Terry Rodriguez, Auburn Hub Captain, Audrey Denny for Congress Campaign
Jessica Morse continues to attract endorsements!  
Republican strategist Steve Schmidt  supports Morse.
In a blistering attack on Congressman Tom McClintock on twitter, GOP strategist Steve Schmidt called McClintock “a career politician who has fed at the public trough all his adult life; and all the while attacking government.”
Senator Elizabeth Warren:  “Jessica Morse is a candidate I believe in, because she’s not afraid to fight for working people. She’s committed to listening to the real prob-lems facing Americans, and she’s centered her campaign around a vision of accessible, high-quality health care, affordable higher education, and an economy that benefits everyday Americans-not just the special interests.”
Carla J. Neal:   Get info on Carla’s candidacy on her FB page and on
Democracy for America DFA endorsement site

Jacalyn Smith: Learn more about Jackie, her experience and her interests here.

       Sac BeeIssues:  Jacalyn Smith vs Kevin Kiley
 Unity Picnic, hosted by Jackie Smith
                          Saturday, July 7th, 12pm-2pm 
Johnson-Springview Park Pavilion
5460 5th St., RocklinCome to join Smith 4 Assembly’s celebration of our accomplishments and move together towards a unified coalition!   We will have LIVE music and karaoke!BBQ hamburgers/hot dogs…and veggie options. YOU BRING A SIDE DISH
Caleen Sisk Meet and Greet, sponsored by Indivisible Auburn CA 
Wed. July 11, 6:00 – 8:00
Madeline Helling Library, Nevada City
Come meet Democratic candidate for State Assembly-AD 1.  Chief Caleen Sisk is the leader of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe of the McCloud River Watershed. She is deeply aware of issues facing our rural communities. Caleen is the first indigenous woman in history to campaign for this legislative seat. 

For a more complete update on candidates and activities visit our Indivisibles Auburn calendar.

Placer Women’s Dems
PWD has set up our very own “EQUAL MEANS EQUAL” screening at Studio Movie Gill in Rocklin through Tugg and we need your support!
We need to sell 75 tickets before the deadline of August 1st in order to make this screening happen. Get your tickets here.
Unlike a traditional movie showing, our Tugg screening requires that 75 tickets be reserved by August 1 in order for this screening to occur. We need your help to make this screening happen!
Wednesday, August 8, 2018. Tickets are $10.