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July 2018 AADC Newsletter

Auburn Area Democratic Club E-News

Serving Democrats of the Auburn area since 2004             July 28, 2018



The Auburn Area Democratic Club is an organization dedicated to informing the public on issues of common concern and advancing democratic ideals. AADC holds open public meetings on the 1st Thursday evening of each month featuring speaker presentations on our “Topics of Community Interest.”

AADC has members from the city of Auburn and its surrounding area, including Colfax, Weimar, Meadow Vista, North Auburn and Newcastle.   Membership is $25 per year.  Learn more about the Club by subscribing to our AADC monthly newsletter and join us by contacting Sunny Carraway, editor, at .

AUGUST 2, 2018 AADC MEETING, 6:30pm

Gomez Arts and Events Center
808 Lincoln Way, Auburn 91603
Defeating our CD01 and CD04
Republican incumbents!
Rochelle Wilcox is an attorney and writes topical editorials for Sierra Forward concerning the voting record and policy positions of Tom McClintock.  Sierra Forward has endorsed Jessica Morse for CD4 in the race to unseat  McClintock.
David Rubialis is a former president of the American Association of University Professors/California Conference and a former national chair of the Government Relations Committee of the AAUP. He is the Nevada County chair for CD1 Democratic Alliance, working to unseat Doug LaMalfa.
Refreshments will be served after our speakers, and following that a short but important business meeting.


Thurs. Aug. 2, 6:30 pm.  AADC meeting, Defeating our CD-01 and CD-04 Republican Incumbents.  Speakers: David Rubialis, Nevada Co. chair of CD1 Democratic Alliance, and Rochelle Wilcox, editorialist for Sierra Forward.
Sat. Aug. 4, 9:00 11:00 am.  Voter Outreach Committee meeting, at Paul Comiskey’s law office at 100 El Dorado St. Auburn, 95603.
Tues. Aug. 7, 5:30 – 8:00 pm. Meet Audrey Denney and Fiona Ma at Roth estate.  Get tickets  here.
See more listings at AADC Calendar.
Check the Indivisible Facebook Page for the most current information on activism and candidate events!!


Summary of July 7th reorganizational meeting at Depoe Bay, 9:00 am- 11:00 am
*  Introduction of Terry Rodrigues as our Auburn area coordinator for Audrey Denney’s campaign.
*  Decision to continue our voter outreach at Sierra College only on Wednesdays, beginning on August 15th.  We will need volunteers to help our base team.
*  Discussion of other possible venues for voter registration, including our usual local fairs and community events
* Election of our new Voter Reg./ Outreach Committee chair Mark Havener!
      Congratulations, Mark;  we’re with you!
We’re finally rolling at full speed again, with an expanded agenda including canvassing for candidates and other Get Out the Vote activities! Join us as we gear up for our part in making the Blue Wave happen!!
As noted on the Calendar, our Aug. 7th meeting will be at Paul Comiskey’s law office.  After that, join us on the first Saturday morning of each month, 9:00 am-11:00 am, at Depoe Bay Coffee house in downtown Auburn, to discuss plans and volunteer for our upcoming voter registration and GOTV activities!

Sunny Carraway for
Mark Havener, chair

AADC website
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Alliance for Environmental Leadership

Believe in smart growth (not suburban sprawl) and a healthy environment?  Want to influence our local elected and appointed officials that control development in the foothills?  Consider joining our Alliance for Environmental Leadership (AEL) .
Alliance for Environmental Leadership committee report, August 2018    
At a recent Environmental Workshop AEL members reviewed a presentation pre-pared by Architectural Designer, Genevieve Marsh, about the West Placer Sunset Industrial Area/Placer Ranch proposed development and its impact on 10,571 acres of farmland and vernal pools.  AEL’s next step is to have Ms. Marsh prepare a Rezoning Plan for that same acreage which is environmentally sensitive.  AEL will then champion this alternative plan with Placer County’s Board of Supervisors.
Consider joining the AEL team to help us fight to protect our natural ecosystems and advocate for sustainable and inclusive community development.  Contact allianceforenviroleadership@gmail.comand we’ll add you to our list!

 Indivisible Auburn CA activities are in full swing (see below)


If you haven’t joined yet or haven’t paid your dues for this fiscal year, starting July 1, now is the time to do so!
Many thanks for keeping AADC strong!
Roke Whitson, Membership Committee Chair

Don’t forget to keep up your membership. Your annual dues are due each year on JULY 1st, so please fill out the form attached and mail your $25 dues (checks made payable to AADC) to: AADC, P.O. Box 6851, Auburn, CA 95604  or pay on-line at Auburn Area Democratic Club – Join us
Your dues support the Club’s advocacy activi-ties  and never obligate you to get more involved than you want to be, although participation is always, welcome!  Dues-paying members are eligible to vote at our monthly AADC meetings. For more information, email 


Placer Action Network  (PAN)

One of the positive results of the 2016 election is the rise of political activism in our county. Among the many groups working to advance progressive causes in our community is the Placer Action Network (PAN). The Placer Action Network is a group dedicated to political activism and community service. But we are also a registered political action committee (PAC).
As a PAC, we can solicit funding from outside donors for independent expenditures (IE) directly targeting McClintock, LaMalfa, or other federal candidates. As a PAC, we can also choose to participate in other state or local races. Many of our members are registered Democrats, but since we are not affiliated with a particular political party, we also welcome those voters who choose to register as No Party Preference (NPP). In theory, we operate like many other political clubs, but in practice we can be much more powerful and impactful. PAN is currently involved in two specific activities:
    * development and implementation of an
        extensive Precinct Captain Program
    * design and funding of an independent  expenditure (IE) targeting Tom McClintock.
  Find more information on these projects here.
Join us for our next membership meeting on Thursday, August 9th. We are meeting in Roseville in the event center of Raley’s, 1915 Douglas Blvd. Our meeting begins at 6:30 PM. We will have an in depth discussion of our Precinct Captain Program as well as provide more details on our McClintock IE. Further information is available on our website.  You can also contact us directly here.
Barbara Smith, PAN Treasurer
Join the RATT Pack!

Do you want to join an accepting, like-minded family of activists!?  The RATT Pack is the place for you!
The RATT Pack (Resistance Action Tuesdays and Thursdays) meets every week at the corner of Douglas and Eureka Blvds in Roseville from NOON to 1pm.  This location is situated in front of non-representative Tom McClintock’s Roseville office.
Everyone carries a sign with a message to educate the public about McClintock’s abysmal voting record and do-nothing representation.
We began by delivering at least 1 letter to his office every week for about 14 months.  These letters were well researched and well written. His staff replied to about a handful with canned responses.
We’ve had “die-ins,” birthday celebrations for Social Security and Medicare, memorials for the school shootings, an early retirement party for McC, and various other themed events.  Our location has been chosen for rallies with other organizations that join us.  Maximum attendance was about 400 last year!  We have about 60-80 on our average Tuesday and Thursday usually between 15-30.
The RATT Pack has started a counter protest/ support vigil at Planned Parenthood on Sunrise Blvd. in Roseville from 10:30-11:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We also have a weekly support vigil at the Roseville FBI building on Thursday afternoons 4-5pm.
I am the “leader” of the Pack and can be reached by email at  I send out weekly emails to the Pack about what’s happening, themes, reminders, and links to other events.
Please contact me, Barbara Brass, if you are interested in joining us, or just show up!
There is no Facebook page or website.
Barbara Brass  

 President’s Message

If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.
Donald Trump is a traitor. Donald Trump is a liar. Those are not my words, but come from opinions expressed by multiple world and national leaders, both liberals and conservatives. As Democrats we are faced with a constant dilemma. How do we deal with a man (and his supporters) whose acquaintance with facts is so fleeting? My own concern is that Trump is not a liar, that he believes everything he says, even when those statements are self-contradictory. He is seriously delusional, exhibiting what one might call situational beliefs. In other words he believes whatever will best support his fragile ego and raging narcissism. We have constitutional remedies for such problems in this country in our system of checks and balances. But our balance is being skewed by checks from right wing organizations and corporations benefitting from Trump administration policies. And one can expect little from a cabinet of sycophants and a Congress who seem to have misplaced their cojones.
Speaking of that Congress, our own two representatives have been among the most craven of the Trump cult followers. Tom McClintock was one of the few legislators who actually tried to defend Trump’s cave-in to the “powerful Putin”. And silent Doug LaMalfa was nowhere to be found. So much for representation! What can you do about this abysmal situation? First, come to our August 2nd meeting and learn the facts about how our congressmen do not represent us. Then get into the campaign for Denney, Morse or both to defeat these Tea Party sycophants.
Remember the words of the English parliamentarian Edmund Burke: The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing. Do something!!!!!

Kermit Carraway, AADC President

Editor’s Corner

We have an Auburn area
Democratic campaign office! 
We’re off and running!  We’ve found a suitably located, appropriately configured office space to serve as a staging area for the club’s 2018  campaign activities as well as a local base of operations for our candidates in this area. The office will provide a venue for interactions among the club, our compatriots and our candidates to optimize our efforts on their behalf.
The office is conveniently located at  536 Auburn Ravine Rd., near Twin Dragons Restaurant.  We have taken occupancy (this morning!) and will be open until the November election. 
We need help with office setup, starting Monday, July  30 at 3:00 pm.  We will need all the volunteers we can get for staffing and running the office until Nov. 6!  HELP INITIATE THE BLUE WAVE! 
Sunny Carraway, Newsletter Editor

The Fifteenth Annual AADC Fundraiser Gala, “Catch the Blue Wave,” will be held NEXT MONTH. It will be at the Gomez Arts and Events Center in Auburn on Sunday, September 23, from 2 pm to 5 pm. We have a terrific speaker lined up: Delaine Eastin.  A professor, Delaine was the first and only woman to be elected California State Superintendent of Public Instruction. She has consistently supported universal healthcare, govern-ment that supports everyone (including those in need), and the power of education, including universal pre-school, re-investment in our C-minus ranked K-12 system, and the return of tuition-free college. Delaine is a great speaker, so plan to be inspired!
We also have the very cool Equinox Jazz Ensemble, good wines from the local Pescatore Winery, and catering from the amazing Joe Caribe. You can get your $45 tickets by clicking here. Ticket prices go up to $50 on August 15, so buy now and save.
Also we are now collecting items for our silent auction to be held at the fundraiser/gala. This is AADC’s primary fund raising activity for the year, so we truly need your donation! Can you donate something wonderful? How about those amazing landscape paintings you inherited from Aunt Minnie but you just don’t have room for? Or tickets to a sporting event or an exciting activity like a zip line? Got a Chippendale chair you never liked, but it weighs 100 pounds? No worries! Our volunteers are offering free pickup and delivery for larger pieces, so just give us a call and we will take care of everything. Call Mary Helen at 530-852-2260 for further info about donating to the auction or volunteering to help with the event. It’s going to be a fun party for an important cause!
Mary Helen Fein, AADC Fundraiser Chair
“Be the Change” 2018

AADC’s 2018 “Be the Change” Youth Summit is being designed to hear from our high school youth about issues that matter to them. Then we hope to encourage them through creative workshops of art, spoken word, debate and social media to find ways to get involved in bringing those issues to light through civic engagementand voting in the upcoming November election
See Leslye Janusz’ complete description here of our intent, design of activities focusing on that intent and challenges for the event.  It’s fascinating reading, and invites you all to be a part of making this ambitious event a success by helping with youth recruitment and with financing.  We have a start on the latter, and these early efforts are described.
This is another of our blue values- and -arts-oriented events in our youth outreach effort to facilitate the Blue Wave in 2018!
Check out the AADC WEB SITE for more information and registration forms for the youth summit.
Candidates and GOTV

Attorney Sandy Amara announces candidacy
for Auburn City Council
Long time Democrat and Auburn resident Sandy Amara just announced her candidacy for the Auburn City Council.  Sandy is an attorney and has been on the Auburn Planning Commission for the last several years. She will be on the November 6th ballot.

Sandy is requesting advisors who are willing to serve on her Campaign Committee, so if you are willing to help Sandy give her a call at (530) 320-4971.


Jan Bell, AD5 delegate to CDP

Candidate contacts/info

For an ongoing, frequently updated description
of candidate events and activities see
Indivisible Auburn’s weekly newsletter alerts.
Terry Rodriguez, Auburn Hub Captain, Audrey Denny for Congress Campaign
Zoe Kipping, Deputy Field Director, Morse for Congress
Carla J. Neal:   Get info on Carla’s candidacy on her FB page and on
Democracy for America DFA endorsement site

Jacalyn Smith: Learn more about Jackie, her experience and her interests here.

       Sac BeeIssues:  Jacalyn Smith vs Kevin Kiley

Frank Treadway, campaign coordinator, Friends of Calleen Sisk- AD1
(530) 2041-5003

For a more complete update on candidates and activities visit our Indivisibles Auburn calendar.



 We are set to go with our “EQUAL IS EQUAL” screening at Studio Movie Grill in Rocklin on Wednesday, Aug. 8.  We have sold 103 tickets and 35 are still available. Tickets are $10 and are only available online here.

Kolieka Seigle, President of CA NOW will be our featured guest speaker! Kolieka is an intersectional feminist committed to political action, advocacy, and civic engagement, Kolieka has spent the bulk of her career seeking to promote democratic participation in underrepresented minorities and improve conditions in communities of color.

As a member of the Rural Caucus, I presented an over-view of my proposal for a Red to Blue Sister County Program (see attached slide set) at Friday night’s Rural Caucus.  This concept has strong support in the Rural Caucus.  I received some feedback that I will incorporate into my slides and I will pursue working with Sandra Lowe, CDP, to get this program implemented.  It would align San Francisco’s Central Committee with Placer County’s and El Dorado County’s Central Committees as Sister Counties so SF can help turn Placer blue.

As a member of the Women’s Caucus, I attended Saturday morning’s meeting.  Maxine Water’s presentation was very inspirational.  The CDP’s Women’s Caucus continues as the strongest Caucus within CDP.
Jim Wisley, Chair of the Candidate Recruitment sub-committee of the Voter Services Committee reported that we fielded a Democrat in EVERY partisan election (Assembly, Senate, Congress) AND we have a Democrat in every race on the ballot in November.  Democrats have already won 38 races because only Democrats will appear on the ballots in those contests – three statewide races, seven House seats and four Senate seats and an unprecedented 24 CA Assembly seats.  As a member of this sub-committee, I worked with Jim Wisely and Edmundo Cuevas to make sure AD1 and AD5, in particular, had viable Democratic candidates.
Also of very important note, some members of the Voter Services Committee have come out in support of cell phone voting. As a member of the Secretary of State’s Voter Accessibility Advisory Council and with 20 years experience in the high tech industry, I will be investigating CAVO and this proposal as I believe cell phone voting, into large servers maintained in extremely secure data centers, is the change we need to make voting extremely easy and accessible, more secure and less expensive and thus increase voter turnout!
Jan Bell, AD5 Delegate to California Democratic Party


Growing Peace Camp Up-Date
First of all, a big thanks to all AADC members whose gracious donations put us over the top of our financial goals.  We have over 160 Peace Campers, the most ever in our 32 years of existence!
In conjunction with dozens of local artists, performers and educators, the Camp runs from July 30th-August 3rd at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church at 1275 High Street in Auburn. This year’s theme is “A Journey Through Mindfulness”. We will be learning together about how we can be mindful of ourselves and actions so that we can live with intention and purpose using music, arts, culture and technology. We will learn how to be peace-ful and harmonious with ourselves, others, our natural environment, our community and our world so we can make a brighter future!
We also wish to thank organizational grants that were received by the Sugar Plump Fairies, the Jane Addams Peace Association Doris Jones Fund, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom Joan Patchen Fund, Auburn Odd Fellows, Arts Council of Placer County and the many Auburn Coummunity individuals for their continued financial support.
Millee Livingston