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April 2018 AADC Newsletter

Auburn Area Democratic Club E-News
Serving Democrats of the Auburn area since 2004

April 28, 2018

The Auburn Area Democratic Club is an organization dedicated to informing the public on issues of common concern and advanc-ing democratic ideals. AADC holds open public meetings on the 1st Thursday evening of each month featuring speaker presentations on our “Topics of Community Interest.”

AADC has members from the city of Auburn and its surrounding area, including Colfax, Weimar, Meadow Vista, North Auburn and Newcastle. Membership is $25 per year. Learn more about the Club by subscribing to our AADC monthly newsletter and join us by clicking on the Membership tab on our website.

May 3rd, 2018 meeting, 6:30 pm
General Gomez Arts and Events Center
May 3rd Candidate Meet & Greet &

Next Thursday evening, May 3rd, is a great opportunity to connect with a Democratic candidate you may not have met yet and listen to an LGBTQ Forum on their community issues. At 5:00 pm, before our meeting speakers, meet Audrey Denney, Democrat, who is running in Congressional District 1 against Republican incumbent Doug LaMalfa. Audrey is a Chico State professor and a farmer. She jumped into the race later than others, so she didn’t attend our previous Candidate Nights. So if you live in CD1, come by General Gomez Arts & Events Center from 5 to 6 pm on May 3rd and meet Audrey!

Our monthly AADC meeting will start up at 6:30 pm May 3rd with announcements and Officer Nominations, followed by an LGBTQ Forum, lead by AADC member Daniella Zimmerman. Several LGBTQ community members will walk us through the challenges in their lives under the new Trump administration. Refreshments will be served.

Our next regularly scheduled event is the Spring Auburn Home Show, May 18th – 20th. We will be registering and pep- talking voters, distributing candidates’ literature and having candidates who are interested at the booth, as well as talking up our Alliance for Environmental Leadership (see Jan’s update under LOCAL ADVOCACY COMMITTEE).

Audrey Denney, a CD-01 candidate from Redding, will join us on Sunday May 20th (time to be arranged). We will notify you of the time by an Alert.

Other candidates are encouraged to join us! Contact Rosie to schedule a time.

We need help, so join us, help out and meet the public!

Sunny Carraway, Rosie Wohlfromm,,
Events Committee co-chairs

AADC hosted a booth at the “Some Kind Earth Day” Festival on Saturday April 21st at the Armed Forces Pavilion and Community Garden. This year Auburn Hip Hop Congress and the Forgotten Soldier Program joined forces to bring an amazing showcase of workshops, demonstrations, live art, local musicians and young artists to promote community and ways to make positive change. There were fun interactive booths, food and entertainment for the whole family! This year’s event was a fundraiser for the above listed programs in which we would like to give the community opportunities to support the amazing work being done!

Thanks, Natalie and Rocky Zapata for all you do for our community!

This committee is in transition now, as Paul Comiskey has officially turned over his chairmanship to Neva Rico and Jerry Rodrigues. Concomitantly, our voter out-reach efforts are burgeoning. In addition to our regular voter registration activities, as the primary nears we are focusing more intensively on Getting Out the Vote. Besides sending out post cards to potential voters and phone banking, we are rapidly expanding our canvassing efforts. An example is our team effort with our Indivisibles and with CalAway to cover as many potential Dem voters as possible.

There are so many needs and opportunities at this critical time. Please join us in making the Blue Wave a success in Placer!


May 5th VOTER REGISTRATION TEAM meeting – Poll Workers needed

Join us for the next Voter Registration & Outreach team meeting, Saturday, May 5th, 9 am at the Depoe Bay Coffee Shop, 893 High Street, Auburn (back room behind the counter). We’ll continue our plans for Sierra College outreach and Progressive Neighbor-hood Project updates, and we’re going to discuss adding Poll Working for the upcoming Primary Election June 5th.

If you want to volunteer to be a poll worker, email Neva and Jerry at

Neva & Jerry Rico, Co-Chairs, AADC Voter Registration & Outreach Committee


In Fall of 2017 AADC began an ad hoc Committee called Local Advocates to focus on local government and local environmental issues. First, this group offered CEQA training to volunteers, then we began holding meetings of the 45+ volunteers concerned about Placer County’s environment and what our local elected officials are doing to it.

Based on the feedback from these volunteers, we changed the name of the group to The Alliance for Environmental Leadership (AEL) and developed a mission, goals and a set of 2018 actions that AEL plans to pursue. One of those action items is to recruit progressive candidates for local elected and appointed positions, which we are in the process of doing for this fall’s General Election.

At AADC’s upcoming May 3rd Meeting, we will be taking a vote of members to Affiliate with The Alliance for Environmental Leadership. It is seeking all Placer County Democratic Clubs to affiliate with AEL in support of its goals and action plans to protect Placer County’s environment.

The AADC Board discussed this and is recommending that AADC affiliate with AEL. In preparation for that member vote, please learn more about this group’s plans by clicking on this link to our website: AEL


Read analyses and take action on pending legislation on Scott Johnson’s Indivisible Auburn Facebook page blog.
Your input makes a difference!
If you hear of any legislation on the local, state or federal level that you would like to have shared with the Indivisible Auburn CA alert subscribers, please forward the information to Scott Johnson, Inclusion in your email of any bill number and author of the legislation or any links to articles about the legislation would be helpful.

Scott Johnson

BANNERS OVER I-80 are in full swing from 5:00- 6:00 pm, now that the rain has abated. Help assemble banners at Scott’s house at 3:30 and join us.

Al Franklin
Indivisible Auburn CA activities are in full swing (see Calendar below)

2018 Placer Stonewall Equality Award and Anniversary

Thursday, May 24, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Skipolinis Pizza & Pasta Rocklin
6600 Lonetree Blvd, Rocklin, California 95765

Placer Stonewall Dems is celebrat-ing our one year anniversary as the first LGBTQ Democratic club of Placer County with some very SPECIAL GUESTS.

This year we are honoring Gary Miller by awarding him the first PLACER STONEWALL EQUALITY AWARD in recognition of his lifetime of work and service to the community and a pioneer in advancing equality being the first openly gay elected school board member in Roseville. Gary paved the road that has led to a record number of LGBTQ candidates winning office around the country and for those of us running in 2018. We are proud to stand together and celebrate Gary.

Bring a friend or two and lets get this party started. Join us to celebrate our accomplishments and continue our work together to grow our club .

A fundraiser is planned for Sunday, May 6 from 4-6 pm with the Honorable Betty Yee as our guest and a possible appearance by gubernatorial candidate, Delaine Eastin.

RATT Pack’s Col. Pat And Barbara Brass Are The Subjects Of A Documentary “Surviving the Silence.”, The documentary is now in post-production.

This film is a look back at our personal history and will culminate with our current activism. Anyone interested in attending the fundraiser can email us your names and we’ll put you on the guest list and share the location.

No donation is too large or too small! If you are not available to attend you can send your tax deductible donateion through the website. We so appreciate your support and hope to see you at the fundraiser on May 6, from 4-6pm!

In solidarity and appreciation,
Pat and Barb

It has been my honor to serve as your AADC President this year and I believe the Club has made a lot of progress. We’ve more than doubled our size to 214 members, started two new ad hoc Committees (Be the Change Youth Outreach and Local Advocates) while maintaining excellence in our four other Standing Committees (Voter Registration & Outreach, AADC Membership, Fall Fund-raiser and Events Committees). We’ve relocated to a larger and more attractive facility for our monthly meetings (General Gomez Arts & Events Center) and provided wonderful speakers at our Monthly “Topics of Community Interest” Speaker Series.

We’ve been fortunate to meet many of the Democratic candidates running to represent us, and we’ve had an outstanding 2017 Fall Fundraiser, 2017 Be the Change Talent Show and many productive and fun events at Fair booths and parades. It’s been a great year.

But, personally, I need to take a pause. My husband Tom, who had a double lung transplant 2 years ago, is now doing fine and will be released to travel anywhere in the world in July (if all continues to go well with his health). After six years of caregiving (2 for my Dad who passed away in 2014 and my husband for the last 4 years), I want and need to go play. Tom and I plan to travel a lot in our new 5th wheel around the US and Canada starting later this year. I can’t do that and be an effective AADC President.
So I’m declining to run for AADC President for 2018-2019, as has our AADC Secretary Laura Newby (as she is now on the Board of the Newcastle Elementary School District). So, like the phrase we used to type in typing class, “Now is the time to come to the aid of your Party!” AADC needs new leaders, and we are in the midst of our 2018-2019 Officer Nomination process with a pending vote for new Officers at our June 7th meeting.

Please take a look at the current status of nominations for 2018-2019 AADC Officers on our website (under the About Us tab) and consider running for an office yourself, or nominating a friend or family member who you think can fill these important AADC roles. Send an email me to at with your officer nominations or fill out a nomination form at our upcoming May 3rd AADC meeting.

Lastly, AADC plans to work a Poll during the upcoming June 5th Primary election. New Voter Registration & Outreach Committee Co-Chairs, Neva and Jerry Rico, are seeking volunteers to “man” the polls that day. If you can volunteer some time June 5th, send Neva and Jerry an email at We really need you! Step up!

Jan Bell, AADC president and AD5 delegate to CDP

Summoning the Blue Tsunami!

If you missed the Placer County Democratic Party 7th Annual Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner, you missed a some-what unusual event. It has been maybe decades since I’ve heard such rousing and motivational pep talks for our candidates, local state, state and national, by our speakers, including our CDP chairman, Eric Baumann. No less inspirational was Eric’s uncle, Jon Bauman, a volunteer for and president of the Social Security Works PAC, who travels the country eloquently supporting SS and Medicare. Jon Bauman, aka “Bowzer,” in an earlier era was head man of the 50’s rock band Sha-Na-Na, beloved by many of us old-timers. Jon treated us to a sampling of his classical music roots, and then he and Eric teamed up on “Goodnight, Sweetheart,” one of his band’s old faves. Thoroughly enjoyed it, though I have to say that was a side of Eric I didn’t know existed!

That event was a bit of a breather after the last few intense weeks of GOTV activities, including manning our AADC booth at the “Some Kind of Earth Day” event last Saturday, post card writing to potential voters, canvassing and doing our “Banners over I-80 Fridays” with the Auburn Indivisibles and frantically trying to get out the last-minute word on assorted candidate events as well as our own.

With our CA primary approaching rapidly (June 5th), there will be SO MUCH MORE! We have another event coming up May 18th-20th, the Auburn Spring Home Show. WE NEED YOU!! So take a deep breath, come on out and join us in Summoning the Blue Tsunami!!

Sunny Carraway, Newsletter Editor

In early May Vote by Mail Ballots will start arriving in mailboxes around Placer County. This ballot is a LONG one to wade through. There are 125 candidates running for 16 different California and Federal positions, as well as 5 Ballot Measures to evaluate and vote on.
32 candidates for US Senate
6 candidates for US Congressional District 1
6 candidates for US Congressional District 4
27 candidates for California Governor
11 candidates for California Lt. Governor
8 candidates for California Secretary of State
3 candidates for California Controller
5 candidates for California Treasurer
4 candidates for California Attorney General
4 candidates for California Insurance Commissioner
4 candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction
4 candidates for California Assembly District 1
2 candidates for California Assembly District 5
2 candidates for California Assembly District 6
3 candidates for State Senate District 4

To help you select between the Democratic candidates, we’ve updated our website with who is running and each name is a clickable link to their campaign website to read more about the candidate. If one of the candidates is a California Democratic Party Endorsed Candidate, that is indicated, but all Democrat candidates are listed. Also, the 5 Ballot Measures have links to the entire text of the Ballot Measure as well as the California Democratic Party’s SUPPORT or OPPOSED recommendation (CDP Supports four of the measures, but Opposes Measure 70).

So, to help you complete your ballot and vote, click on the 2018 Elections tab and then go to the Federal and California campaign listings.

Please vote and vote early. You can mail in your ballot or drop it in one of 13 Drop Boxes around Placer County.

Jan Bell, AADC President and AD5 delegate to CDP


Thanks from the Morse campaign!
On behalf of the Jessica Morse for Congress campaign, I’d like to offer a huge thank you, to those who were able to participate in a ‘Rapid Response’ to the photoshoot last Tuesday, April 10.
For anyone who has ever worked on a campaign, you know that quite often, events, personal appearances and other public engagements can occur on a last minute basis. We experienced such a situation this past Tuesday, as we hurried to not only secure venues, but also, people for the photoshoot.
Another aspect of a photoshoot is, that despite every effort to construct a realistic schedule, let’s face it: Stuff Happens. For one reason or another, delays occur and timelines can get shifted, which is what happened last week.
We apologize for any inconvenience our delayed schedule may have caused. We also hope that you can appreciate the nature of our work and the various obstacles which may be encountered in the campaign process.
We are deeply grateful for your time and participation. Let’s continue to ride the Blue Wave together, and Flip the Fourth this November!!
Thanks again- Luann Welborn

CalAway uses proven data to come up with the most successful way to GOTV, get out the vote. Need to get the mid-term vote skippers to get to the polls on June 5th and November 6th! Volunteers are given a list of Democrats (only) who have missed voting in the mid-term elections. The areas selected are in dense popula-tion areas so we make the most of our time. These Democrats are glad to see us because many wonder of there are other Democrats even living in our area. We ask the person to vote in the 2018 elections, and we ask them to sign a little postcard that will be sent back to them before the election as a reminder. Easy Peasy!!! These are short visits, you don’t have to know a bunch about the issues, and they are just Democrats, so you won’t get into ideological arguments. We have many Saturdays and Sundays for you to participate. Please sign up for more than one if you can and bring a friend, or two or three to join you. Kids welcome. You get out in the Spring air, get more steps on your fitbit, and help to get rid of McClintock in 2018! Win-Win.

Meet at 1 pm at Round Table Pizza in the Elm Shopping Center. Bring a friend or two.

Pat Ferguson

INDIVISIBLE AUBURN is partnering with the California Away Team to contact Democratic voters in CD-04 who skipped the last midterm election. We are having canvassing shifts on 4/29, and then every Saturday and Sunday afternoon through 5/20. The time is always 1-4 pm.

Anyone interested can sign up and find meeting location on the Indivisible Auburn FB page or the California Away Team web site.

April 28, 2018
Stand With the Bear River Benefit for Bear River Legal Defense Fund
General Gomez Arts and Events Center – 808 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603
For more information call 530-320-6841 ORDER TICKETS HERE
Sponsored by a project of

Save the date!

The 15th AADC Fall Fundraiser It will be held on Sunday, September 23, from 2pm to 5pm. We will again hold the event at the General Gomez Center, in downtown Auburn. Mark your calendars and save the date!
Our organizing committee is in full swing even though the event is not until the fall. We have sent out invitations to an exciting slate of potential speakers at all levels of government. We hope to have speakers in place by the beginning of June.
As in previous years, we will hold our Silent Auction, an important source of income for the AADC. Please start thinking now about what you have in the back of a closet that would make a great donation. Do you have a vacation rental or an AirBnB? How about donating a massage or a body work session? People love tickets to games, especially our popular local teams. How about donating a service? What do you do better than most people? You could donate a couple of hours of landscape design or accounting. Everyone loves original art work that is beautifully framed, or a small sculpture or pottery piece. The committee will look forward to receiving your fabulous donation later this year.

If you want to help with the event call Mary Helen at 530-852-2260.

Mary Helen Fein, Fundraiser Committee chair

If you haven’t joined yet or haven’t paid your dues for this fiscal year, now is the time to do so!

Many thanks for keeping AADC strong!

Roke Whitson, Membership Committee Chair
Time to renew your Club Membership

Don’t forget to keep up your membership. Your annual dues are due each year on JULY 1st, so please fill out the form attached and mail your $25 dues (checks made payable to AADC) to: AADC, P.O. Box 6851, Auburn, CA 95604 or pay on-line at Auburn Area Democratic Club – Join us!

Your dues support the Club’s advocacy activities and never obligate you to get more involved than you want to be, although participation is always, welcome! Dues-paying members are eligible to vote at our monthly AADC meetings. For more information, email

Your Feedback, Please

We would love to hear from you about your impressions of AADC via our 2018 AADC Survey. Please take 7 to 10 minutes to give us your opinions of all of our AADC activities and Committees. Questions with a red asterisk are required, other questions are optional. THANK YOU for taking the time to help us improve the Club! Click on this link to access the Survey.