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May 2018 AADC Newsletter

Auburn Area Democratic Club E-News
Serving Democrats of the Auburn area since 2004

May 28, 2018

The Auburn Area Democratic Club is an organization dedicated to informing the public on issues of common concern and advanc-ing democratic ideals. AADC holds open public meetings on the 1st Thursday evening of each month featuring speaker presentations on our “Topics of Community Interest.”

AADC has members from the city of Auburn and its surrounding area, including Colfax, Weimar, Meadow Vista, North Auburn and Newcastle. Membership is $25 per year. Learn more about the Club by subscribing to our AADC monthly newsletter and join us by going to our website .

Next AADC MEETING – June 7th, 2018, 5:00 pm
General Gomez Arts and Events Center
Note earlier time (5:00 pm) for this meeting!

June Pizza Pot Luck and Election of AADC officers for 2018-2019

Come to our June Pizza Pot Luck, with pizza provided by AADC. Bring a salad, side dish, dessert or drinks to SHARE.

Members will elect AADC Officers for the 2018-2109 term. Since we have only one nominee for each position, the vote will be a Consent Slate vote, one vote as to whether we accept the slate of officers nominated.
Our nominees are as follows:

President: Kermit Carraway
Vice President: Dave Deckman (incumbent)
Secretary: OPEN
Treasurer: Stu Clancy (incumbent)
Board Member at Large: Debra Polansky (incumbent)
AADC rep to PDCC: Sunny Carraway (incumbent)

If the new slate of Officers is approved, the gavel will be passed at the meeting from the current AADC President, Jan Bell, to our new AADC President, Kermit Carraway, to begin his term.

On June 5th, our questions about who will prevail in the California Primary will be answered. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait. The suspense is killing me! I’ve voted already by Vote By Mail ballot – hope you have to, or you plan to vote on June 5th. Democrats who don’t vote, elect Republicans.

Plan to attend our Thursday, June 7th Pizza Pot Luck to dialogue with your fellow Democrats about who won which race. SPECIAL NOTICE: We are starting our June 7th meeting EARLY, at 5 PM, so we can beat the crowds from the Downtown merchant’s First Thursday Street Fair. Come early so you can get parking nearby. And, please bring a side dish, dessert or drinks to share; AADC will buy the pizza. Then let’s CELEBRATE the results of the Primary!!! We’ll hold a very short AADC meeting to elect new officers for 2018-2019 and pass the gavel to the new President – see the meeting article with more details on nominees.

On the 7th we’re also going to try something new. Given all the people attending the First Thursday’s Street Fairs we’re going to open the doors of the Gomez Arts Center at 6 pm and welcome in the public! We’re going to hold a “Get Involved” Community Forum – we’ll have signs in the windows and table displays for all of the activities citizens can get involved with – Voter Registration, Be the Change Youth Summit, AADC Fundraiser, Community Events, the Alliance for Environmental Leadership and, of course, Membership! Indivisible Auburn will also have a display table. If you can stay from 6 to 8 pm, we need the help staffing these displays and talking with citizens. If we get a lot of interest in our activities, we’ll do this again at our July, August and September meetings while the Street Fairs are active (short AADC meeting followed by a Community Forum). If it doesn’t work, we won’t repeat.

So come see how this “Get Involved” Community Forum works. See you June 7th!

Jan Bell, AADC President & AD5 Delegate to CDP (530) 887-1083

We’ve just finished our manning our Dem booth at the Auburn Spring Home Show, featuring guest appearances by candidates Jessica Morse (CD04) and Audrey Denney (CD01). Unless it’s my optimistic imagination, there appears to be more Democratic enthusiasm than we’ve seen before. We need to go all out on our down-to-the-wire GOTV activities and bring in our share of the 2018 Blue Tide! Visit all of our action sites listed in this newsletter and sign up to aid the cause!

Our next upcoming event is the Auburn July 4th parade. We are in SERIOUS NEED of assistance in putting this one together! Last year we had participation by our Auburn Indivisibles, our Solidarity Indivisibles, our Dreamers and the Placer Women’s Dem group, as well as several of our Dem candidates, all marching/riding together- pretty awesome!! We’d love to do at least that well this year.

We have in the past used Paul Comiskey’s pick-up truck as base for our “float.” We’ll need to re-think our options this year, so if anyone has a truck or truck bed, or an idea for something better, please step up and help us make this year’s showing memorable! We have some decorations but would be pleased to hear other ideas for embellishment. Please contact Sunny Carraway at if you’d like to help. This one is a BIGGIE- please reply!

Thanks to everyone for everything you’re contributing to the greater cause, the Big Blue Wave!

Sunny Carraway,
Rosie Wohlfromm,,
Events Committee co-chairs

Last year, AADC and the Auburn Hip Hop Congress sponsored a Be the Change talent show featuring youth performing their songs, poetry and spoken word about changes they would like to see made in their community. It was so successful that this fall, AADC and the Auburn Hip Hop Congress are organizing a Be the Change youth summit to further engage youth in the voting process and ways they can make changes in their community. Youth from the surrounding high schools, grades 9-12, will be invited to register online to attend.
The summit is set for Saturday, September 15 from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Gomez Art and Events Center. Music, art work, poetry, spoken word workshops and large group presentations created by the attendees will be scheduled throughout the day. Snacks, lunch, door prizes and a special event T-shirt with a youth voter logo theme will be provided for all youth attending. J. Ross Pirelli will be returning as the MC for the event and will lead some workshops with others from the Auburn Hip Hop Congress.
Logo Contest: We are seeking art work from youth, 9-12th grade, to be used as a logo on the T-shirt we’ll be handing out to everyone. We’re holding a Logo art contest to select the best logo design. The art work must be submitted by June 30 and will be judged by an impartial panel of artists and youth, with a $100 prize for the winning logo awarded at the event. Details can be received by emailing
You can help make this event a success by asking for donations of $5-$10 gift cards or small donated items from local merchants that youth would appreciate and/or donate funds directly to help us pay for the lunches and snacks we’re providing. Please contact Leslye Janusz if you have questions or can donate to this worthy cause. Email Leslye at, or call 530 889-9433.
Leslye Janusz, “Be the Change” Comm. chair

Petitions on Indivisible Auburn web site

Read analyses and take action on pending legislation on Scott Johnson’s Indivisible Auburn Facebook page blog.
Your input makes a difference!
If you hear of any legislation on the local, state or federal level that you would like to have shared with the Indivisible Auburn CA alert subscribers, please forward the information to Scott Johnson, Inclusion in your email of any bill number and author of the legislation or any links to articles about the legislation would be helpful.

Scott Johnson
Indivisible Auburn CA activities are in full swing (see Calendar below)

If you haven’t joined yet or haven’t paid your dues for this fiscal year, now is the time to do so!

Many thanks for keeping AADC strong!

Roke Whitson, Membership Committee Chair

Get on board with Growing Peace Camp this summer!

The 2018 Growing Peace Camp is happening starting the week of July 30 to August 3. This is no ordinary camp. It’s a community we’ve built every summer for the past 32 years in Auburn. Last year we served over 130 children and youth in a program promoting peace, social justice and non-violent communication, through art, music, dance, drama, yoga, film making and more. Sign-ups have already begun for this year and they’re filling up fast. If you know of families who would be interested in sending their children or middle school youth, please have them contact Natalie (Pohley) Zapata at, or call or text Natalie at 530 368-4455

As you know, it takes money to operate a successful camp. We are reaching out to the Auburn community to raise funds for this year’s camp. Our goal this year is $5,000. Several AADC members have helped us with their donations in years past. Members can once again help us raise these funds by sponsoring a child with a $100 tuition donation (half of the children we serve need scholarship help, and no child is turned away for lack of funds). Any amount is greatly appreciated and will be used wisely for our program and operations. All donations are tax deductible. For more information on how and where to donate please contact Millee Livingston at, or call Millee at 530-887-1775.

Leslye Janusz, Millee Livingstin and Natalie Zapata


Mark your calendars now for the Fifteenth Annual AADC Fall Fundraiser on Sunday, September 23, from 2pm to 5pm. We will return to the General Gomez Center, in downtown Auburn, where we had such a great time last year. Your Fundraising Commit-tee is hard at work in discussions with exciting candi-dates at all levels. We are sure some of them are going to join us as outstanding guest speakers.

Tickets will go on sale next month. The sophisticated Equinox Jazz Ensemble will return by popular request, and Joe Caribe will once again provide his amazing catered hors d’oevres. Your ticket includes a free drink and all you can eat.
We will be holding our Silent Auction, AADC’s primary fundraising event. Your donation will go directly to help Democratic candidates running for office this fall. The best donations are the creative kind. Can you offer original artwork or special services or special experi-ences? How about $500 worth of a service that you are skilled in? Do you know how to do professional design/massage/accounting/handywork/house-cleaning? Of maybe you want to give a couple of tickets for a skydiving lesson? Too scary? Well what about dinner for two at your favorite restaurant in Auburn, where the buyer can rest safely on the ground and enjoy a wonderful evening?
We will officially begin to collect donations in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to the newsletter for more news. We look forward to seeing you on September 23.
If you want to help with the Fundraiser Committee, call Mary Helen at 530-887-9400.
Mary Helen Fein, Fundraising Committee chair

EDITOR’s CORNER – Endings and beginnings

As phase 1 of our 2017-2018 election year is hurtling toward a close, we, our Indivisibles and other brothers-in-arms are in a frenzy of canvassing, writing post cards and making phone calls to get out that critical vote that will set us up for the November election. On June 5 phase 2 begins and will be as challenging as phase 1. Our major hurdle will be getting past the negativism the last several months to accomplish our ultimate objective: replacing our districts’ Tea Partiers with progressive Dems! NO EXCUSE WILL BE TOLERATED from any of us who does not give it his/her all! This is a TEAM effort, and everyone must remember that. Our futures ALL depend on the outcome of the 2018 elections.

At this time too our club year is ending, and kudos are deserving all around for the hard work invested in making our corner of California a better place to live in. Jan Bell has provided the steady hand on the wheel that we have required at this time, as well as reaching out to other clubs to try to get us on the same page of cohesiveness of purpose in candidate selection as well as favorite issues such as environment.

This year’s group, including our Indivisibles, is one of the most energetic and goal-oriented groups I’ve worked with. But with our June meeting we begin anew, with new leadership but still with the same challenges and the same burning need to work together to get where we need to be.

So take a deep breath, remind yourselves of where we are and what’s needed to accomplish our objective of leaving a better life and world to our kids and grandkids. Nothing else is acceptable!

So let’s keep working like bats out of hell; ONWARD AND UPWARD, BETTER TOGETHER!!

Sunny Carraway, Newsletter Editor

For a more complete update on candidates and activities visit our Indivisibles Auburn calendar.
Cal Away canvassing
Ongoing canvassing opportunities!

Keep updated on our count-down-to-primaries canvassing efforts, and help us with the
big push to make the Blue Wave
happen in our area!

Roke Whitson, chair of the Membership Committee and Indivisible Auburn


The Voter Registration and Outreach Committee is currently heavily involved in all of the candidate canvassing, post card writing, phone banking and other GOTV efforts in CD01 and CD04 in both AADC and in Placer County.

JOIN US! We need all the help we can get during this critical pre-primary run-up!

PCDP candidate statement
At the Wednesday’s EBoard, we had a productive meeting with representatives from Morse4Congress, Jackie Smith for Assembly and Jack Duran for Supervisor. We agreed that it’s imperative and incumbent on us, the Placer County Party, to collectively with work with these campaigns to help them win their primaries decisively on June 5th. The EBoard reassured our commitments to support and get them elected in June and November. That said, let’s give one final push in getting out the votes. Please help any way you can and have your members help in a big way to lift the Blue Wave far and beyond Placer. Please find the upcoming events from Morse4Congress. See you all at their headquarters between now and June 5th.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Thanks.

CJ Jawahar
Chair, Placer County Democratic Party

PCDCC special edition newsletter!

This is our first mid-month newsletter being published for the sole purpose of providing news to our subscribers of a time sensitive nature. If this is well received, we will continue to publish a mid-month time sensitive update each month.

Friends, the most important phase of this race is approaching-our Get Out the Vote drive, when our volunteers fan out all across our district to help us make our final case to voters in this primary.

The truth is, one-on-one conversations that put the facts in front of voters are how we’ll win this race. And in the final two weekends of this race, we need you to help us have as many of those conversations as possible.

Can you commit to a shift-or a couple-to help get out the vote for Jessica in your community? VOLUNTEER NOW >>

We’ve now opened three volunteer offices across the district, and the enthusiasm and dedication we’re seeing is off the charts. Now, we just need to rally that energy to bring Jessica across the finish line in this primary.

This team has brought us an incredible distance since the beginning of this campaign. Now, help us go the final distance-commit to a shift now.

Thank you,
Trevor Bernardo, Field Director, Morse for Congress


The Audrey Denny for Congress Campaign has estab-lished an Auburn Hub in Auburn, California. We know that we can win this with volunteers talking to the voters. That’s where you come in! Come help Audrey win California’s 1st! We literally cannot do it without you.” Contact Terry Rodriguez, Auburn Hub Captain, or call/text at 530 613-1750, or Casha, Audrey Denny for Congress Field Organizer, at or 530 715-0479.”

Terry Rodriguez, Auburn Hub Captain, Audrey Denny for Congress Campaign


We need lots of help with door knocking. We have tablets while you door knock or you can use your smart phone, so the information can be entered in the database quickly. We have great software and updated information on voters, and door knocking can actually be fun–as well as helping the campaign and getting folks out to vote. Face-to-face interaction is very effective.
Please email or if you’d like to join us canvassing. We have T-shirts for everyone (they’re free!)
Thank you! Jessica
Jessica Holcombe has additional policy statements now available to read on Common sense gun laws; Ending Dark Money in Politics, Immigration Reform and many other topics. Read them here.
Keep up with Jessica Holcombe for Congress events here at her Facebook events page. Read Jessica’s comments on the defeat of the recent farm bill here.
We have “Holcombe for Congress” yard signs. If you have a heavily trafficked location on your property for a Holcombe for Congress yard sign in the North Auburn, Meadow Vista, Colfax area please contact Scott Johnson to have the sign delivered to you.
Scott Johnson 530-878-1566
Local elections and issues
Take Local Political Action and
Make a Big Difference!

Support SB54 and the Placer County Board of Supervisors: For those of you who have attended the Placer County Board of Supervisors Meetings on May 8th and May 22nd – THANK YOU! – you have made a big difference by making our voices heard in support of the BOS and SB54, the Cali-fornia Values Act. Due to your commitment and action we supported the BOS in their resistance to the demands from the Placer County Republican Central Committee to pass a resolution to make Placer County a Non-Sanctuary County. We’re going to attend every BOS necessary to stop this vigilante activity by PCRCC and support our Latino neighbors. Click HERE to see the dates and agenda for the next BOS Meeting. AADC will send out ACTION ALERTS to remind you to attend. We invite others to join us!!


After the June 5th Primary, the top two vote-getters in Federal, California and Placer County races will run in the General Election November 6th. When you vote June 5th, please support Jessica Morse for CD04, Carla J. Neal for CA Assembly District 5, Jack Duran for Placer County Supervisor, Rebecca Chenoweth for Superior Court Judge, Hope Halperin for Placer County Clerk-Recorder and Vote YES on Measure E.

Once the Primary is over, we need to recruit more progressive people to run for local positions like City Council and Sierra College Trustee. Did you know the Auburn City Council has three positions up for election? Ever considered running for City Council? Know someone who would be a great candidate for City Council? Potential candidates have until mid-July to submit papers to run for Auburn City Council. Contact Jan Bell at or (530) 887-1083 to get more information about local election requirements. In 2018 we vote AND we run!

Jan Bell, AADC president and AD5 delegate to CDP

The Alliance for Environmental Leadership brings together existing like-minded organizations and citizens for a common cause – defending natural ecosystems and advocating for sustainable, inclusive communities in Placer and Nevada Counties. The Alliance for Environ-mental Leadership (AEL) isn’t a “new organization;” rather AEL is a forum for all of us that are working to protect the environment to come together because “when the cattle are all looking in the same direction, then the politicians will pay attention.” We are so pleased that AADC is a member organization.

We’re also pleased to announce our relationship with the Planning and Conservation League Foundation. A 501 c.3 organization, the Planning and Conservation League Foundation is now the Fiduciary Agent for the Alliance for Environmental Leadership (AEL)- meaning our donors will enjoy a tax deduction for their contributions to AEL.

Since 1965, the Planning and Conservation League has promoted cutting edge policies that safeguard our lands, air, water and communities; while building strong coalitions and empowering the public. We are so proud to be affiliated with this august organization!

If you’d like to help us:

1. Protect our quality of life through active participation in local governmental planning and policy making,
2. Recruit and support local leaders who will advocate for natural ecosystems and for sustainable and inclusive communities.
3. Build a revolving legal defense fund to support expenses for expert witnesses and challenges to projects or policies that have significant, unmitigated impacts on the environment

Working together we’re a stronger voice for the earth, for our communities and for the future.

Contact us at,
check us out on Facebook and join us at our next meeting – June 21, 2018 5:00 PM.