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DEMAND passage of the Social Security Expansion Act

A new bill that would raise the cap on Social Security FICA payroll taxes
and collect more from high earners and millionaires was introduced recently. It would extend the life of the Social Security trust fund by 60
years. This is in the tradition of past Social Security amendments. There
have been 30 such tweaks since 1936 to accommodate changes in our population
and economy. This is a good plan, but unlikely to be supported by the
Congressional majority unless voters on both sides of the aisle inundate
their representatives and senators with demands for passage.

Read this, PASS IT ON and call/write/send telegrams to McClintock (or LaMalfa), Feinstein and Harris. DEMAND THAT THEY PASS THE SOCIAL SECURITY EXPANSION ACT.

For more information on the bill, click HERE

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