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3 things to do to STOP Centennial Dam

Click here to take action to STOP Centennial Dam  

DEMAND passage of the Social Security Expansion Act

A new bill that would raise the cap on Social Security FICA payroll taxes and collect more from high earners and millionaires was introduced recently. It would extend the life of the Social Security trust fund by 60 years. This is in the tradition of past Social Security amendments. There have been 30 such tweaks …

Demand Single Payer Health Care in California!

Call Your State Senator and tell them to support SB 562, a bill for single-payer healthcare in California. Dial 855-271-8515 from your phone to be automatically connected to your state senator.

Impeach Trump

Enough is enough. Donald Trump needs to be investigated by an independent special prosecutor and — if he obstructed justice — impeached. Last night, the New York Times broke the news that Trump directly asked FBI Director James Comey to stop investigating his administration’s ties to Michael Flynn — and when Comey didn’t comply, Trump fired him. The …

Indivisible Auburn

Indivisible Auburn/Roseville Tuesday Events: Every Tuesday  join others to oppose the administration agenda from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM. Meet at Hwy. 49 and Bell Rd. Bring signs to educate passing motorists. This is the closest high traffic intersection to Rep. Doug LaMalfa’s Auburn office. Every Tuesday, Indivisible Auburn and Indivisible Roseville will picket Rep. …

Keep tar sands oil out of SF Bay

Keep tar sands oil out of the San Francisco Bay The comment to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District reads: I am deeply concerned by the environmental threats posed by the proposed expansion in marine terminal operations at the Rodeo, California refinery. The environmental review process must consider the risks of worst case oil …

Resistance 2017 Resources

Still angry? Have more time to resist?  Check out this NEXT GEN website with links to all the new RESIST TRUMP websites.  If only there was more time in each day to resist!!!!

Time for Confederate symbols to go

Time for Confederate symbols to go Tell federal, state and local government officials: “Take down all symbols of the Confederacy. There is no room in America to celebrate white supremacy and racist terror.” Add your name:   Last weekend, Charlottesville, Virginia was the epicenter of white supremacist Nazi hate. On Friday, white supremacist Nazi protesters …

Yes, Government WORKS!

Yes, Government Works The Trump administration has made it clear that it doesn’t understand the importance of government agencies and programs that are vital to everyday Americans. In fact, it has launched a website to solicit feedback on which government departments they can slash in order to gut protections for hundreds of millions of people. …