Special Election for CA State Senate in District 1

Special Election for CA State Senate is being held and absentee ballots have already arrived in some cases. There are two democratic party candidates on the ballot.

Silke Pflueger has been endorsed by the Democratic Party. She is a Truckee resident and business woman. She is a co-founder and co-chair of Tahoe Truckee Indivisible. Sher is an engineer, an immigrant, and a breast cancer survivor.  You can visit her website here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Steven Baird, the other Democratic candidate on the ballot, has dropped out of the race. Don’t waste your vote! Baird ran as a Republican until 2017, and he is a State of Jefferson backer.a


Here is some further info about Silke Pfleuger:

Pflueger’s concerns focus on the housing crisis, fire resiliency and health care. She wants to work on public and private partnerships to bring more housing to the district, ensure homeowners can obtain insurance and have affordable and accessible health care.

According to Pflueger, Democrats must state what they stand for and what they’d bring to office if elected.

“We can deepen that message and win that way,” she said. “We have to keep running.”

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