Local Democrats Elect their Delegates to the California Democratic Party

Local Democrats Elect their 2019-2020 Delegates to the California Democratic Party
The Auburn area includes three State Assembly Districts – AD1, AD5 and AD6.  This month hundreds of registered Democrats who live in these Districts voted for their ADEMs for a two year term (ADEM=Assembly District Delegate to the California Democrat Party).  Preliminary results are listed below, pending confirmation by CDP.  Party policy is ADEM representation must be by 7 female and 7 male (other than self-identified female) per District.  One of the ADEMs is also elected as a CDP E-Board member.  CDP E-Board meets quarterly to discuss Party resolutions, platform enhancements and endorsement processes.
Auburn Area Democratic Club members were elected in each of these Districts.  ADEMs represent the entire Assembly District, but they can be a conduit for AADC members to provide their feedback into the state party.  On the lists below AADC members elected to be ADEMs have an asterisk next to their names so you know who they are and can provide your state party feedback to them. Or you may know of or are friends with other ADEMs – feel free to talk with any and all of these folks – they are your voice into the state party.
Many thanks to those of you who took the time to vote in these ADEM elections – this is democracy in action!
Assembly District 1 (most of North Auburn, Colfax, Meadow Vista, etc. up to Truckee)
Self-Identified Female:
Hilary Hodge – E-Board
Heidi Hall
Carol Turner
Justine Chenel Quealy
Nicole Lutkemuller
Alison Sweetser
Leslie Vera*
Male/Other than Self-Identified Female:
Tomas Vera*
Benjamin Perkins
Neil Bodine
Robert Brown
Paco Lindsay
Mike Smith
Jeffrey Thorsby
Assembly District 5  (City of Auburn and parts of South Auburn)
Self-Identified Female:
Elaine Hagen
Kim Monson
Jan Bell*
Sarah A Saunders
Kathleen Barco
Ellyn Donovan
Patricia Pava
Male/Other than Self-Identified Female:
Josh Lewis
Matt Hagen
Bob Vizzard*
John E Savage
Michael Saunders – E-Board
Felipe Grimaldo
Estevan Gutierrez
Assembly District 6 (part of North Auburn, Newcastle, Penryn, Lincoln down to Roseville)
Self-Identified Female:
Emily Anne Ward – E-Board
Rita Gill
Annie Bowler
Susan Gutowsky
Lisa Larkin
Suzanne Eckes-Wahl
Barbara Brass
Male/Other than Self-Identified Female:
La Mills Garrett
Victor Monjaras*
Thomas Larkin
Jimmy B. Franco
Larry Hufty*
George Mellen
Jim Eckes

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