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2018 Federal

U.S. Senator: 32 candidates

(10 Democrats, 11 Republicans, 1 Libertarian, 1 Peace & Freedom and 9 No Party Preference)

To evaluate Democratic Party Candidates for your June 5th Primary election vote, just click on their name to visit their campaign website.

Dianna Feinstein (D) – Incumbent

Kevin de Leon (D) – California State Senator

Adrienne Nicole Edwards (D) – Community Advocate

Pat Harris (D) – Civil Rights Attorney

Alison Hartson (D) – National Political Director

David Hildebrand (D) – Policy Analyst

Herbert G. Peters (D) – Retired Aerospace Engineer

Douglas Howard Pierce (D) – Missing Children’s Advocate

Gerald Plummer (D) – Construction Project Manager

Donnie O. Turner (D) – Retired USAF Sergeant – email:

U.S. Congress:

Congressional District 1 (LaMalfa): Six candidates

(4 Democrats, 2 Republicans)

Audrey Denney (D) – Educator and Farmer
Jessica Jones Holcombe (D) – Attorney

David Peterson (D) – Small Business Owner
Marty Walters (D) – Environmental/Engineering Risk Officer

CD1 Democratic Alliance Facebook Page – Congressional District 1 – De-Doug

CD1DemAlliance Website

Click HERE to donate via ActBlue to CD1 Democratic Alliance or mail donations to CD1 Democratic Alliance, P.O. Box 1946, Penn Valley, CA 95946

Congressional District 4 (McClintock): Six candidates

(4 Democrats, 2 Republicans)

Jessica Morse (D) – No Ballot Designation – CDP endorsed candidate 

Regina Bateson (D) – Military Security Analyst

Roza Calderon (D) – Geoscientist/Geographer/Cartographer

Robert Lawson (D) – Businessman

Sierra Forward – Congressional District 4 – McClintock Be Gone!

Click HERE to donate online to Sierra Forward