“Everybody Got Choices – VOTE!” and “Don’t Boo, VOTE!”

The 2016 election has graphically illustrated the disenchantment Millennials and minorities have for our political process – they complain about dark money and cronyism.  However, the answer isn’t to give up on our democracy, but to demand it’s return!

Need more inspiration?  Check out a song by J Ross Parrelli which is a call to action for Millennials and minorities…take a listen….and if you want more music by J Ross, go to her website (click here).


    • Irene Smith on November 11, 2016 at 8:56 am

    As a worried American, I’m wondering if the local Dem. Club will organize resistance to the election of Mr. Trump?


    1. Irene, We’re all extremely worried and frightened. AADC has discussed doing protest marches whenever Trump does something horrible (every little Trump Tweet won’t qualify for action however). It won’t take him long to do something horrible, so stay tuned…

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