Oct 15

President Obama’s Results/Statistics

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Oct 15

Rolling Stone’s “In Defense of Obama” article

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Sep 29

Upcoming Member vote on Directory – Paul Comiskey

I will be away on a long trip to South America so will miss the October Meeting.  I plan to introduce three motions at the November meeting. 1. A Directory of Members. I have been trying to get this motion introduced since March 26, 2014 when I submitted a copy to the President and the Board. We need a directory of members. We need to know who our members are. We need to be able to contact them.  I find the same few members doing all the work and am unable to contact others because we do not have a directory. The motion I will introduce will involve amending the bylaws so I will propose it at the November meeting and move  that we postpone the vote on it  to the January meeting.  I will bring written copies of the motion to the meetings in November and January so we all know what we are voting for. 2.  I will move that the Club purchase a copy of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief for each member of the Executive Board and a Copy of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Edition for the President. I will further move that we seek some training for the club by a parliamentarian in Roberts Rules.  We need to follow Roberts Rules in our club to get business done efficiently and to respect the rights of all the members. Roberts Rules have been developing for decades and they are designed to have clear procedures, make it easy to record the actions of the club and to get what the majority wants done quickly while respecting the rights of minorities to have their say. Roberts Rules take help make discussion about the issues and not personalities.  It puts decision making power into the body of members and not the officers. 3.  I will move that we conduct a membership drive between February 1 and July 1, 2015.  We discovered when we switched to having all the dues paid on July 1 that the membership records were a big mess and we did not accurately know who the members are.  The membership committee eventually came up with a list of 90 members.  It included anyone who paid dues in the last three years.  If we do not act to recruit new members we are going to see a dramatic shrinking of our membership on July 1, 2015. Our club desperately needs some new blood.  My motion will include a number of specific actions we can take to increase our membership. My vacation reading will consist of the 716 pages of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Edition.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the November Meeting. 

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